Mr. Big

July 25, 2012

For breakfast this morning, this beautiful Pineapple Tomato.  Every gardener wants to grow 2 pounders and this one weighed in at 1 lb. 7 oz.  Close.  We are getting close.

Mr. Big is beautiful on the inside too!  Hot yellow-gold slices streaked with hot orange.  The taste lived up to it's Pineapple name, it was slightly sweet and fruity, yet tart too.  We're having a party this weekend and I know a large platter of sliced tomatoes will be on the buffet table.

Here are some other hot orange and yellows in the garden this morning.  Nasturtium reseeds itself among my veggies.

Pattypan squash looks so pretty with it's flower bouffant.

Graham Thomas, an exceptional repeat bloomer by David Austin.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Whoa! That tomato is a meal in itself. Your garden must have some good dirt. I love the Graham Thomas,
    such a beautiful color.

  2. Breathtaking beauty of the garden!
    Your tomato is awesome! I am sure one day you'll reach your goal and show off a huge beauty!

    Happy gardening!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Nature is full of surprises! I hope you enjoyed tasting this huge tomato ;-)


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