Move over zucchini bread, there's a new bread in town.

July 06, 2012

Say hello to Cucumber Bread.  
Don't make that face, I see you.

Why make cucumber bread?  Because this is what I woke up to yesterday morning, which comes about when you plant 8 cucumber plants.  Plus, I am the world's worst pickle maker, you can count on mine being soggy and terrible tasting.  I've given up on that ages ago and leave my pickle making to Clausen.

So besides pawning off lots of cucumbers to family and friends yesterday and making bread, I made cold cucumber soup for dinner with a piece of grilled salmon and this simple rice and cucumber salad.  I substituted dill I had growing for the cilantro.  Try it, it is so good.

This morning for breakfast I toasted a piece of "that" bread and spread it with the apricot jam we made last night.   It tastes just like that other kind of bread.  Use your favorite zucchini bread recipe and substitute peeled, seeded and grated cukes instead.

So yes, I made more jam.  Yesterday afternoon my husband came in with two large bags of apricots from a friend and while I am almost always happy to see fresh fruit, my heart sunk a little as I knew these had to be dealt with immediately and my husband was hoping they would be jam.  After dealing with the cucumbers and then weeding the garden I was looking forward to an hour or two of knitting before dinner, but we made jam instead.  I deputized my husband as the fruit preparer and he was pretty good at it, so there is more to him than golf and being my driver, who knew?  I can say stuff like that because he never reads my blog.  Now we are very jam-rich around here and that is a pretty good feeling.

I thought I'd show you my little Cuisinart mini-prep processor.  Do you have one of these lurking around in your cupboard, unused?  Really, I couldn't live without this little guy.  Especially this time of year almost every summer night I make pesto for two.  Pesto enhances almost everything and it's something that's available only in summer, so I take advantage and make it fresh right before we sit down to eat.  It's a snap in this little guy.  What looks like bugs is actually toasted pine nuts. 

And then I thought I'd throw in something pretty.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oh my! I'd be happy to take some of that apricot jam off your hands. lol Looks delicious. And I'd be right in line to eat a slice of cucumber bread. I love cucumber, it's so fresh. What a nice twist on an old standby.

  2. This is one hilarious post! I really enjoyed reading it. i love the part about your husband not reading it! The cucumbers look great; I must say, it does sound a bit weird, but something tells me it's delicious. My husband killed our cucumber plant because it was taking over everything, so sad :(

  3. Wow it all looks so yummy! Beautiful flowers too=)

  4. Wow! So much yummy food in this post! I love apricot jam and tarts - so seeing your homemade jam is killing me LOL Your cucumber bread looks "interesting" - yes - I made a face ;) But I do love a nice cucumber salad and your's looks delicious! Have a wonderful weekend ~ kk


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