Summer Crush

July 09, 2012

I have a total crush on summer.

I finished a summer shawl.
Ravelry link here.

We are enjoying every inch of our garden.

In summer I paint my nails the color of sherbet.
By the way, I love Sally Hansen Extreme Wear,
on me, it outlasts the expensive brands.
This manicure is 4 days old and I am hard on my nails, it still looks great.

I picked another dozen cucumbers and took them to church on Sunday to share.
At the end of the fellowship table people often bring in backyard produce.
Almost always there are lemons, often oranges, and I've seen black cherries,
apricots, tomatoes and of course, zucchini :-)
For those who don't have gardens, it's nice to be
able to take home fresh veggies.

Last night we had a beet, orange and tomato salad with
chicken salad stuffed cucumbers.   Everything fresh, so good.

I made fun summer arrangements.
No reason.
Just for us.

It's a beautiful day today. We are caught up with weeding and watering.  Perhaps we'll take a drive. My husband needs some new golf shirts.  Maybe we'll putter around.  Our days now unfurl with no sense of urgency, believe me, it's very easy to get used to that.

Not long ago, summers were filled with day camps, play dates and swim meets. While I loved being a young mother, I do love my life now. I can't believe I once worried about being an empty nester, or was ever frightened of retirement.  If you are approaching those passages,  d o n ' t   w o r r y, it's not so bad!

I just finished reading Nothing To Envy, Ordinary Lives in North Korea by Barbara Demick.  It was a "10".   The author follows the lives of 6 North Koreans who all end up defecting to South Korea.  It is gripping and heart wrenching as you might imagine, bringing the regime's cruel human rights abuses smack right in your face, up and personal.  

I've just started Unfamiliar Fishes, a story about Hawaii. 

I just heard that Ernest Borgnine died.  He starred in one of my very very favorites movies, Marty.  I'm feeling like I must see this again, pronto.  It's a perfect storm of a movie if there ever was one and if you haven't seen it, you'll love the sweet story of a good and kind man.

 happy summer!

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  1. Hi dear Kristen, Your shawl is amazing. Its a very hard work. I never make that.. I like your garden and all your flowers with each color.. Wonderful like heaven..
    Your nails seem so beautiful too. The color of sherbet is so cute. And...
    What can I say for your dogs...:))
    You know I like pets SO MUCH..:))
    Happy summer...

  2. You don't just have a garden, you have a GARDEN! I envy those who like working in them.

    And the shawl, so sherberty and perfect summer.

  3. Kristen the shawl is just beautiful and I love all those colors. The flowers and garden is just too much. You are amazing. Happy Birthday next week... Love You. your Momma


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