Pink Baby Owley Cardigan and Quilt

May 09, 2012

Baby Owl Cardigan is a classic design, meant to be worn on a day when baby is feeling kind of nostalgic for the old days, like when grandma was a girl, and baby wants to dress the part.  Paired with a pretty white smocked dress and this baby will be ready for any elegant picnic that might come her way.

I just LOVE, absolutely LOVE this pattern by Janice Straker.  
Janice, Penny's mother, did not originate the idea of turning cables into teensy owls, 
but she was probably the first to write it down as a formal pattern. 
Ravelry link here.

I also made this sweater for a boy in palest blue that you can see here.

The cardigan was photographed on a pretty baby quilt that I made a few years ago 
when I taught my friends how to piece and quilt.

Baby might take this quilt with her on her fancy picnic.

The squares were cut from discontinued designer fabric samples 
and include some of the prettiest bits of fabric.
The white embroidered lace square is perhaps my favorite square of the quilt.
It's a sample from a discontinued Italian sheet from Sferra.

I backed the quilt in this crazy brown floral.  Quilt is hand pieced and hand quilted by me.

 Two more pictures of the cardigan, front and back.

And also a picture of a perfectly beautiful rose,
a David Austin beauty called Climbing Eden.


It's definitely one of our favorites
and covers one side of an arbor that is an entrance to our vegetable garden.

 That is it for the baby knits for a wee while.
I've got things for me on my needles right now
and looking forward to some lazy days of knitting.


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  1. Great Post, Kristen.
    I am falling in love with this sweet pink, but, oh, so wise, Owlie Cardi.
    Love that those little owlies are featured on the back of the cardi.
    Sweet thing is that with a change of colors this is totally a little guy cardi.
    A cardi for everyone ! ! !

  2. I don't know which I'm ooing and ahhhhing over more, that darling sweater or those gorgeous roses!!

    Is that owl pattern available for sale? Maybe I missed it when I went to Ravelry. It's is just adorable!

  3. Yes, I do love the pink, but those Roses are breathtaking!

  4. That cardigan is so, so adorable! And I can't get over how lush those roses are....

  5. The little owls baby sweater, and quilt are beautiful! Lucky baby!

    You were the winner of the Knit-Zilla give-away (Alpaca/Bamboo blend yarn). Please contact me with your address, so I can get it mailed.

  6. Can you point me towards a link to buy that pattern? I've been hunting for several days and can't find it!

    1. Hi Emily. Here is a link to Straker classic patterns and on this site you can find a retailer in your area or you can contact them directly. They have it in baby size which I made, and the child's size.

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