Little Red Jacket

May 04, 2012

Little Red Jacket for Will.  Even though Will is due to be born in July, he will be living in San Francisco, and that means sweaters most every day!  I love little boys in red, they look so rosy and jolly and important.  Red is a statement color!   This is the perfect article of clothing to wear, when in a stroller, you wish to engage someone in an exciting game of peek-a-boo.  Count on it baby, you won't be ignored in this.

I used Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater as a guide.  The pattern includes a gull lace pattern not suitable for a little boy, so switching to garter stitch was the answer.  I LOVE garter stitch!

Elizabeth Zimmerman makes me laugh.  Her patterns are simple and brilliant.  This pattern is one paragraph long.  You just do what she says, and you will get what she says you will get: a sweater suitable for a baby.  Details on my Ravelry page.

The quilt is one I made years ago.  The pattern is Broken Dishes.  All cotton, hand pieced and hand quilted and large enough for a double bed.  

The picture below shows a detail of the border, an intertwining knot or cable.  
I used black quilting thread and backed it in the very brightest pink.

 I love the colors I used.  Just a few touches of black and red make it pop!

I hope you are getting a similar weather forecast for the weekend as we are:
Sunny and 78!
Have a good one.

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  1. Your quilt is glorious! And of course the sweater is sweet too!

  2. that sweater is lovely! red is great for boys or girs, I completely agree. That quilt is extraordinary!


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