baby owlet sweater and a baby quilt

April 11, 2012

I have two things to show you today.  
First is the Baby Owl Cardigan designed by Janice Straker.  
I'm not absolutely sure about this, but I think Janice, the mother of Penny Straker, 
may have been the first to publish this popular pattern.
 Does anyone know?

Very possibly the most adorable sweater pattern ever invented.

The clever use of cables knits up into a baby owlet.

I used Rowan 4-ply Cotton in Bluebell and size 0 and 1 needles. 
The little wearer of this sweater will be living in San Francisco
and will need to wear a sweater on most summer days.
San Francisco summers can be chilly!

The thing I've noticed with this yarn and other cotton yarns, 
 is that no matter how even I think my knitting tension is, 
the stitches don't lay perfectly flat and even as they would in wool.

Usually the stitches will even out in the first wash.
I have used 4-ply Cotton many times and it
will easily go in and out of the washer and dryer, perfect for a baby.

 Sweet little sweater, a must for every baby's wardrobe.

I photographed the sweater on top of a baby quilt I made last year
from designer samples of sheets and such.  I blogged about it here.

During the photo shoot, there was some action in the background.

You see, my little furry granddog was visiting today.

I always invite over his very best friend in the world,

Toby, who happens to conveniently live right across the street.

I have never seen any dogs play quite like these dogs.

They love each other so much and never get too rough.

They have invented their own games of chase and hide and seek,
but mostly it's wresting.

This play has turned them into excellent athletes, 
their acrobatics are hilarious to watch.

Time for a wee rest before starting over again.

We've had a flurry of activity here ourselves.
Things seem to be slowing up a bit, 
but there will always be knitting and gardening to share.
I'll see you again soon!

But before I go I just have to show this to you again.
Couldn't you just eat it right up?

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(4/12, edited to add a quote I found from Janice Straker:  No one knows who originally conceived of making owls with cabling but when I opened my first yarn shop in 1962 a dear and elderly customer came in to wish me well and gave me her hand written copy of the owls. From this worn and dog-eared direction I designed this cardigan. Now in its eighth printing, Owl has continued to be a cherished and popular design through the decades.  Now I'm wondering if it could have been Mary Thomas?

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  1. This little sweater is completely adorable!!! :-)

  2. Dear Kristen this is a very cute cardigan I must show this to my mother. She knows knitting very well. She want to make this cardigan I think.
    I like the dogs so much. They are playing with eachother so beautiful and so peaceful. look at their lives.. How happy they are.... Thank you and best wishes..

  3. I have this pattern and made it for my daughter years ago and now I want to make one for her little girl due Aug. 30.
    Love your quilt, and colors are so attractive!
    lovely work!

    1. It's so fun to make too. I made one for my son in itchy acrylic 27 years ago before I knew how important good yarn was! I also made it a few years ago for my granddaughter who was about 5 at the time. It's just timeless, isn't it?

  4. How cute is that! That has to be the cutest baby sweater ever. It looks like something Beatrix Potter would have designed, had she been a knitwear designer. I must have missed your quilt last time but it's adorable, too. A good use of whatever squares and samples you have, although they go together so nicely they could have been bought for the purpose. Those dogs are too funny.

  5. So cute! I must knit this for my expected granddaughter and her sister. Thanks so much for sharing. Your work in so inspiring.

  6. Just beautiful! I love the quilt and the sweater is the best. Your flower banner is stunning!

  7. Oh it is the most adorable sweater ever!!!! Just beautiful ~ as is your quilt. Gotta love those doggie action shots too :)

  8. I love the sweater so much and the quilt. Just beautiful. I am sure who ever is looking at the sweater and quilt would love to have another little girl to dress or a little granddaughter.......

  9. Pure cuteness! That little cardi and quilt is so dreamy!


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