January 07, 2012

At Crate & Barrel yesterday and my husband noticed these.  I love them!  On sale at $8 each, they had a ton, but I couldn't find a link to them on their site, perhaps they just have them in the stores.
 Embossed matte porcelain, made in China.
All it needs is a teensy cabled scarf!

(Sweater vases found at my local Crate & Barrel at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, CA.)

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  1. Kristen, last year they had mugs at Starbucks with a cabled pattern. I like these vases and your very clever idea about little scarves. You may change the color with the seasons. -;)

  2. Dear Kristen It seems wonderful and very decorative. I like them very much.. Thank you and best wishes...

  3. Haha so cute. I thought they were real sweaters for a second! Your husband has good eyes!

  4. How cute that your husband noticed them! Mine always "happens" to notice sheep :o)


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