January 18, 2012

First off, I need to say that I DO love this sweater (and the guy that's wearing it!) but if ever there was a sweater project that could suck the knitting mojo from the soul, this would be it.  The pattern is a stinker and would be better if it were offered free and reworked.  I've discussed that over on my Ravelry page.  I'll just say that in the end, after over a year of knitting and ripping and repeating, the sweater is...finally...finished and beautiful.  My son loves it and fits him to a "t"! 
The yarn is machine washable wool, Cascade 220 Superwash.  Easy care for a young man to manage.

Did you hear me yowl on Christmas Eve when I was putting in the zipper?

 My first sweater zipper, finally I hand sewed it.

The pattern does not explain the short row shaping for the hood, but once you figure it out, it comes out well.

The fit is perfect.

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  1. It looks fantastic on him. I think you should send a kind note to the designer with one or two of your concerns - she might learn something from it, make some changes and you then will help someone get a better pattern in the end. Just a thought.

  2. This sweater looks fabulous. The adjustments you made produced a perfect fit. Hopefully, future knitters of this pattern will read your comments before waisting a lot of time ripping and readjusting. I'm sure your son is very appreciative of your talent. It is good for receivers of handknit items to see the effort involved and that expertise is needed to get a good outcome.

  3. You did a wonderful job -- no doubt helped along by whipping the zipper into submission on New Years Eve! Unclear pattern instructions are frustrating, but it looks like you prevailed in the end -- he looks delighted!

    1. Kristen, that is a gorgeous sweater! I love the colors you chose. How lucky your son is that you'll go to all that work for him! :-) Thanks so much for the nice comment on Cranberry Morning 'Sanctity of Human Life Sunday' post today. I so appreciate it.

      You're inspiring me to go finish that baby sweater I'm working on! (PS I love it that the sweater you knit zips down the front.)


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