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January 30, 2012

I have a box of embroidery transfer patterns collected over the years.  The transfer patterns are heat transferred to cotton fabric with a hot iron, then embroidered.  Used for baby quilts, table and bed linens, anywhere you would want to embellish with embroidery.  And really, what doesn't look better with a little embroidery embellishment?

A collection that spans over 70 years, my grandmother's, my great aunt's and mine.

Here are two relatively new ones.

Here are some older ones.

Most of them are Aunt Martha's transfers, still readily available.  I don't think she has discontinued one design, EVER!  JoAnn's Fabrics always has a great selection.

Here are some early 1930's Aunt Martha packets originally selling for .10 each.  They still stamp!

Some early McCalls dating from the 1940's and earlier.  Those dancing teacups crack me up.  25 cents each!

The price has gone up to 30 cents!

Vogart is no longer available, but found this great site.  Apparently they are pretty collectable.  Love these pin-up gals.
I have a few posts in mind that will showcase some of the quilts made with these.  So cute!  Hope that post will be in the next few weeks.  Also, numerous tea towels have been made, but those are mostly long gone to the rag bag or worse and made before I even thought of documenting my crafting with a photograph.  Anyway, I knew you would enjoy seeing these, they are really precious, don't you agree?

Happy crafting!

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  1. Wow, that really takes me back! When I was a kid, I used to take my allowance up to Ben Franklin and buy craft supplies, including Aunt Martha's transfers! I was very surprised to see these at JoAnn's recently - I didn't know they still made them!

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful collection!!!! Thanks for giving a peek!!!


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