December 06, 2011

Fantastic pattern with other beauties in Grace Anna Farrow's pamplet A Fine Line featuring 6 shawls "in bold stripes with lace weight yarn".  Really hypnotic designs and gorgeous color combinations.  I hope to make a few more of the shawls in the the booklet.  The yarn is Isager Spinni 1 which I have seen at my LYS for ages but never tried until now.  I look forward to using it again.  I felt it was medium soft in the hand but makes an extremely soft fabric.  Spinni 1 is lace weight and comes in beautiful heathered colors and makes fine, even stitches.

I'm mesmerized with chevron stripes.
Tubular cast off makes a lovely finish but took me several evenings to finish.
Light, lovely and warm and an absolute joy to knit.  My Ravelry link here with some details on my changes.

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  1. Have fun this holiday season! Love your new knit! It is beautiful!

  2. This is beautiful! I can't believe how fast you finished this! I always think "if I only had more time..." I guess you are right; there is never enough time! Enjoy your first xmas with no work! :)

  3. love that shawl - we just got a huge shipment of spinni yarn at the shop yesterday, along with a new pattern book. (maybe I need to try one!)... enjoy your december!

  4. Kristen, I love your new blog header! So sweet! And this knit is amazing. I love the combo of greys iwth yellow, and the gradation of the grey. Well done!

  5. I want this AND the boots :-) can you share the brand? Laura

  6. Thank you! The boots are three years old, made by Clarkes and I got them at Footwear Inc., a small chain of shoe stores in California, one is in my town. They are SO comfortable, I can wear them all day and not get tired feet. They have great support and are cushy inside. Still, I would like them replaced and am looking for another comfy Clarkes boot but have had no luck so far.

  7. Thanks for posting the boot brand. I have a Clarks shoe store in my local mall and did see something like them. Laura


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