Needlepoint Stockings

December 02, 2011

Needlepoint was very popular in the 70's and 80's.  At the time I worked for about 5 needlepoint stores from San Jose to San Francisco turning finished needlepoint pieces into Christmas stockings.  I would get the finished piece, wash it and block it, then sew it up with a cotton lining and back and welt it with cotton velvet.  I also finished needlepoint pillows, eyeglass cases and ornaments.  I was very busy during the holidays and could hardly see straight. 

I've made 6 stockings but my daughter and granddaughter have theirs in their own house. 

We have the stockings hung in the family room, it's were we spend most nights, the computer and TV are in this room. 

Today I want to show you our stockings.  We have a fun tradition.  We each have to buy or make 3 things for each stocking. 
We have so much fun opening our stockings on Christmas morning. 

Detail of my doll house stocking.

Close up of my husband's stocking.

My son's jester.

Grandmommy is an angel.

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  1. Your stockings are so beautiful! My mom made us needlepoint stockings in the '70s, and then later (mid-'90s maybe) made us all new ones in cross stitch! Mine is a partridge in a pear tree :-)

  2. How lovely!!! I always love to read your stories. Happy holiday season to you and your family.
    It is my dream to make cross-stitch stockings for my little family. Maybe some day I'll have time to do it. I even bought a book with designs.

  3. those stockings are beautiful! I am learning to needlepoint and have a true appreciation for the work of love those represent! (and I can only imagine how busy a needlepoint finisher is this time of year - yikes!!)

  4. Thanks so much for your visit to my blog. I'm happy to have discovered yours. Your stockings are just beautiful. I grew up with four brothers and sisters and opening our stockings were always the most exciting thing on Christmas day. We also filled each other's with numerous hand made and favorite things. And now the tradition continues with my own girls who love stuffing our handmade stockings as well. Looking forward to seeing your tree!


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