Turkish dinner party

December 09, 2011

I always think it's a great treat to go to dinner at Casey and Jack's home, but when they have just returned from Turkey and promise a beautiful Turkish dinner, and their beautiful home is decorated for Christmas, and we are celebrating friends visiting from Australia, well, a dinner party doesn't get much better than that.
Even my iphone reveals the beauty of the evening.
Roasted peppers with anchovies.
I don't know why I didn't get more pictures of the beautiful buffet, but I think I was busy putting food on my plate.
Paperwhites on the kitchen counter.
Jack keeps bees and so keeps his friends in honey.  With his honey I made baklava from this recipe.  Very easy and so delicious!
Like little jewels.
What a beautiful evening!

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  1. How much do I love a guest who brings such an exquisite dessert? Truly, that baklava was better than the ones we had in Istanbul at the most respected shop in the Grand Bazaar.
    Kristen and her husband are amongst my favorite dinner guests for many reasons, not least of which is that said husband loves to eat.

  2. Hi Dear friend. I am from Turkey and When I saw turkish food expecially baklava I wrote you. Turkish food are so delicious. I wish that your friends who live in Turkey were happy here.
    And also your handmades are so beautidul. When I was looking for crochet handmades, I saw your blog. and by now I am following you.
    Best wishes from Turkey..

  3. Those peppers and anchovies look so yummy and hope you'll make that some time. Casey's table looks lovely......Sounds like a fun evening.