September 12, 2011

Kelly is a perfect cardigan.  The soft pink mohair/silk KSH combo with a dash of sparkle, pearl buttons and timeless style make this sweater a hit.  It's simple, but the simple ones get the most wear from me.
Now sometimes, for no real reason, a project will languish at the bottom of my basket, this one for about 3 years.  I don't know why I ignored this sweet sweater.  I LOVE Kidsilk Haze with a passion, and doubly love it when it is knit doubled.  Plus I've knit Kelly before and love it.
This is the second FO of my US Open Challenge.  While I'm watching tennis on TV,  I'm determined to only knit projects that have been ignored.  Kelly only had a sleeve and the finishing to do.  Done in one 5 set match!
Now I'm on to the Cranberry Capelet that only has the rib to go.  I'll finish that up when I watch the men's final tonight.  I'm a girl on a mission and it feels so good to finish up some neglected projects.

Kelly Cardigan from Classic Knits by Erica Knight, great book.
6 skeins of Kidsilk Night in Ballerina, KSH with a tiny bit of sparkle.

The neckline on the pattern is pretty tight, so started the neckline on the fronts a little sooner for a bit more neck room, also made buttonholes instead of the snaps.  Raveled here.

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  1. Looks beautiful, love the colour.

  2. This is so pretty! I am glad you finished it!

  3. Hi Kristen,

    Just read this and "don't hate me because I'm beautiful. Love the Kelly sweater and love your tomatoes.

  4. That is one gorgeous sweater!!! But ALL your sweaters are gorgeous.... makes me one to CO a sweater right now - except I need to finish up the one languishing on the needles first - LOL

    KSH is a fabulous yarn. I'm starting a new shawl in Colinette's version.

  5. This looks amazingly cozy. So beautiful!

  6. Still ever-so-talented and creative! and prolific!!! found your blog after work tonight, and stayed up way too late reading it! So nice to "see" you again after so many years since Needlepoint House days!


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