Noro Stripes

September 08, 2011

I have just about given up on any semblance of normalcy or cleanliness around here.  There is no winning with the wallboard dust and piles of stuff all over the house because there is not a place for anything anymore.  When I'm not running errands for my contractor or racing to keep up with the garden produce, I feel like jumping under the covers and sucking my thumb and worry about all the money being spent.
The middle of the explosion.
Aww, but you know I wouldn't do that.  Instead I try to cheerily look at the finish date that is soon ahead, dive into the knitting, sigh, and then all is right in my world.  Dexie agrees, he is mellow enough for both of us.
I finished the beautiful Noro Striped Scarf, this will be a gift, not a gift to my model here, but doesn't he look so beautiful in these colors?
Dexie is as sweet as he looks,
If he would wear it, yes, I would totally gift it to him.  He is such a goodgoodgoodgood boy!
But I think he might do something else with it.
Yes, he might chew it right up, he is kinda like that, mellow or not.

Dexie above is my son's dog.  My other granddog, Gertie, is my daughter's dog.  Please read her very sweet adoption story, Senior's Rule!

Lovely old gal who came into our family complete with grey whiskers!

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