Imperial Candlewick

September 25, 2011

A recent remodel means there's dust everywhere and gives me the opportunity to clean (oh joy, but actually do mean it because I love to organize and clean) out every cupboard.  Everything is getting emptied out and washed, and nothing is going back in unless it is either loved or used often.  

THIS is something I use often and love so much.

I'd like to share my mother's beautiful wedding china that she gave me years ago.  Imperial stared making Candlewick in the 30's and this high quality affordable glass quickly became extremely popular.  Mother picked it out when she was a teen.  In her small town there was a little china shop where all the girls would pick out their wedding china, and when a birthday would come around their friends would give them a piece of china to save in their hope chest.  It's such a nice old-fashioned tradition, I wish they would have had that in my day.  I have mom's cedar hope chest now holding out-of-season sweaters and I have her beautiful Candlewick.  Take a look at some of the collection.
Tiered and footed pieces are so useful on the buffet table.
The extravagant punch bowl!

Extra large platters and bowls are used often.  Large platters like these aren't easy to find.
Divided dishes were so popular in the 40s and easy to find now.
A quick search on Ebay showed over 1,800 pieces for sale!  Candlewick pieces pop up in antique stores and rummage sales too.
Classic Candlewick fan shaped vases.
Stacked ashtrays and celery plate, so necessary in the 50s!
I especially love the heart shaped pieces.
The water goblets are just the right size for wine these days.
One big cabinet holds mother's set.  The easy access, it's charming beauty and the way it matches well with every occasion and table setting make this pretty collection something I use often.

I recently finished 3 long neglected WIPs!  My reward was starting this pretty shawl and a few more pieces too.  For each piece I finished, I started another.  I never manage to work on just one at a time, I have given up ever doing that.  I'll share pictures soon.  I'm loving knitting this one.

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  1. So pretty! I have my mother's and my grandmother's china (which I like best), but I never entertain anymore, so it's just sitting in china cabinets around the house. At least it makes the cabinets look pretty ;).
    Love the look of your new project! I'm knitting like a fiend trying to finish up some of my (waaaay too many!) UFO's, but only a pair of socks off the needles so far.
    Love your sweater from your last post too -- gorgeous!

  2. love the new banner! and the candlewick. I love glass for entertaining - but I've had to purchase nearly all my pieces. I did get my mom's crystal - and agree - those water goblets are great for wine, the champagne coupes for sorbet and the wine glasses work well for liquers. my how times have changed! (and the FOs - congrats!!)

  3. Your Shawl looks like Stephen West's Boneyard.
    I'm doing it in red and white.

  4. I love your collection Kristen! I dream of finding the fan vases at a price I'll pay :-) That punch set is so rare to find complete!! What a treasure!


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