at least we had lunch

July 06, 2011

Today my husband had an early doctor appointment in San Francisco.  We decided that after that we would go to the MOMA and see the latest exhibit, The Steins Collect, Matisse, Picasso, and the Parisian Avant-Garde and then lunch afterwards.
We just returned from France and Spain visiting great museums and art, plus I'm just finishing The Paris Wife, a book where Gertrude Stein is a key character.  A perfect exhibit for me, er, us.

We parked, walked over and saw the closed sign.  MOMA is closed on Wednesday.  Grrr.  Why did I not know this? Doesn't Wednesday seem like a stange day to take off? (My husband didn't seem so disappointed).  So, we took a taxi to the Ferry Bluilding and had lunch at The Slanted Door and had this view from our table.
(The Bay Bridge, this shot is snatched from the internet)

After lunch we ambled through the Ferry Building and bought some Manchego cheese and quince paste (for a party this weekend) at the Cowgirl Creamery and salty dark chocolate (for moi) at Sharffenbergers.  The doctor's office and missed exhibit had been forgotten.

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  1. It seams that you had a great time with your husband. Beautiful art and photos!


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