free pattern for a baby sweater and hat, some flowers to love, and a recycled craft activity for the kiddos

June 29, 2023

Today I have a little cardigan and hat to share, both free, that were made because I felt I needed to knit something that would move quickly from cast on to the cast off. Baby sweaters are perfect for that. I also had 3 skeins of soft yarn that needed using up. I've been so good about using my stash and that makes me so happy. You won't believe how well I've got my stash under control. I feel like I've accomplished so much and I'm pretty proud of my dedication to this years long project. I'm thinking of making a post sharing what I have left. It's still so much but I feel so in control and that's all I wanted. But that will be for another time, today it's all about this little sweater and hat. Please read on for links to the free patterns, pretty pictures of summer blooms and a fun craft for kids.
Summer is here and while the rest of the US bakes, California is still on the cool side. Go figure. This weekend the forecast says we will reach the 80s which is as hot as it's been all year. Bring it on! Because of our cool weather, my tomatoes, and in fact all the vegetables, are very late. We won't be having ripe tomatoes for weeks still and just now are beginning to pick a few summer annuals. A few mornings a week I head out with my shears and fill pitchers and pots with the first zinnias, daisies and even a few dahlias.  When the weather heats up for good we'll really start to see a growth spurt and I cannot wait. I'll make sure to make a post when it's all bloomy and gorgeous.

Let's get to that baby sweater. I adore the classic look of a basic button up cardigan on a baby. It's plain and simple, but that's the charm. Baby is certain to take center stage when wearing this classic. I've knit the Basic Baby Cardigan many times. It's from Keya Kuhn but no longer available on Ravelry. I have the PDF and if anyone would like it, email me (my address is on the side bar of my website, scroll down to "contact form"), and I'll send it to you. I don't think the designer will mind since it was always offered for free anyway. (Edited a few days after posting--a reader told me this pattern is offered for free on Love Crafts!) It is knit in DK weight and comes in three sizes: 3, 6 and 12 months. The size above it a hybrid, so more like a 9 month. Here is my Ravelry project page.  For some reason I could not find a simple free baby beanie pattern using DK yarn to fit a 9-12 mos baby head. I made up my own and here it is as a gift to you:

This hat is knit in the round from the bottom up, using your preference of either magic loop method, DPNs, or 9" circulars.

22 sts per 4 inches in stocking stitch

Gauge needle: the needle you use to achieve gauge
One size below gauge needle: this will be used for ribbing only

Using the one size below gauge needle, CO 80 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist stitches stitches. Work K2P2 rib for .75 inches

After the ribbing is complete, switch to gauge needle and K all rounds until the hat is 4.25" from CO edge

Begin decreases:

Round 1: K6, K2tog all around: 70 sts
Round 2 and all even rows: knit all around
Round 3: K5, K2tog all around: 60 sts
Round 5: K4, K2tog all around: 50 sts
Round 7: K3, K2tog all around: 40 sts
Round 9: K2, K2tog all around: 30 sts
Round 11: K1, K2tog all around: 20 sts
Round 13: K2tog all around: 10 sts

Cut yarn and thread tail through remaining sts, fasten and weave in tail. Put it on the baby's head and give him a kiss for me.

If you'd like to read about how to make free baby sweaters with your scraps in your choice of 3 different yarn weights, please read this popular post.

Now here's something fun for the older kids! I've shared this free children's creative activity before, but I thought it would be a good idea to share again because it's useful for grandparents who plan to have grandchildren spend time with them this summer. It's appropriate for age 3 and up, with younger ones needing assistance. 

In a dedicated box I save bits of interesting looking packing material, recycled treasures such as cardboard, bottle and jar caps, and always a few TP and paper towel rolls. In the picture below I also see a plastic domed drinks cover, a broken chain from a purse, and the little tins from votive candles. When our grandson is spending a day with us, and I suspect boredom will soon creep in, I pull it out and ask if he feels like being creative. The answer is always an enthusiastic yes! I spread the contents onto the counter and he looks it over like he's examining a fine Chippendale chair. I can see the wheels spinning--such concentration--then all of a sudden he's got it! He selects what he needs and we get on the floor and with plenty of tape and a glue gun (that's were I come in) he creates his showpiece. He's made robots, monsters, insects, musical instruments, vehicles and buildings, and this week, a Hot Wheels track, which I absolutely loved. Sometimes he will take his great works home, but if they stay here, I let them reside on his little table for a month or so--if they last that long, they usually fall apart pretty quickly because once we are done creating he and Papa play with it, and sometimes they are rough. After a few weeks, when I notice he has lost interest, it goes in the recycle bin and he never seems to miss it, we just make another one! We started this activity during the pandemic and we haven't tired of it. The contents of the box change weekly as I add to it and each time we pull it out it seems fresh. My favorite thing about this activity is that no mistakes can be made and there is no right or wrong, it's all perfect. Sometimes we have begun one thing, say a fire truck, only to find out it's really a monster. Please let me know if you have a recycled craft to share; we've got to help each other out with summer doldrum ideas!

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  1. Thank you for the hat pattern and for the baby sweater pattern but I don't want to leave my email address here and I don't see your email address "on the side bar". Can you help? Thank you!

  2. Never mind! Found the address when I scrolled down under "contact me". Emailing you now and thank you again!!

  3. Thanks for the input. I've edited my post to make it more clearly understood. Enjoy the pattern!

  4. Thank you for the post. My meager craft repertoire is mostly girl-related and these days mostly involves crayons or play-doh. If I discover/remember more later I will pass it on. Carter looks like he may grow up to be an engineer! Of course - years later - who knows! Thank you for the hat pattern, Kristen. Such a great stashbuster! Chloe

  5. Thank you for the Cardigan and hat pattern, I love reading your blog

  6. The baby ragland sweater is available as free download on LoveCrafts, just not on Ravelry anymore.

    1. Thank you super sleuth! I have just edited my post with that info. Best, Kristen

    2. You are welcome! I really enjoy your blog.

  7. Beautiful flowers from your garden artistically arranged.
    Thanks for the sweater pattern. I will definitely try this one.
    Carter is fortunate to have you as his grammy. You bring out his creativity.


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