Candy Cane Scarf

June 24, 2022

Wearing a candy cane around your neck in December lets the world know that you love Christmas and you're not too shy to shout it out. This is a pattern that requires minimal thinking, making this free pattern (from me) great for social, travel or tv knitting. The pattern is designed for dk weight yarn, but you can use any weight yarn, then add or decrease stitches and create your own masterpiece. If you have any questions about that, just PM me and I'll try to help you. Knitters on Ravelry have made scarves in many colors, not just red and white. My next one is going to be a rainbow blast of stash because I STILL HAVE STASH and I'm a gal on a stash busting mission. 

I also made a little button Santa because I was previewing a few crafts for my favorite almost 5 year old, but this would have been too frustrating for him so I just made the one. But isn't he the cutest?

It's unreal to have a Christmasy post right now because it's as hot as blazes here. Today and the next few days it's in the high 80s. It was 101 the other day and then cooled down to 96 the next day. Thank goodness the heat wave is over. 

Candy Cane Scarf, free pattern by Kristen Rettig

My Ravelry Project page with all the yarny details.

In other knitting news, I just signed up for a test knit. This one sang to my heart with the promise of using a beloved member of my stash (Shibui Maai in Tar) and stripes, yay stripes, with nothing more difficult than a k2tog. Summer knitting bliss. Summer seems to require easy knitting as well as easy reading and nothing can be easier than than listening to this audiobook, Food, A Love Story, by Jim Gaffigan. The author is the reader and he had me laughing out loud throughout the entire book.  I loved it and think you will too, unless you are a vegetarian. He really does love his meats. I listened to the bulk of it while going through my family ephemera/photos which made that (somewhat difficult) experience much more palatable. More about that later. 

Hope you are cool where you are! xo Kristen

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  1. I love that scarf and think even I can knit it!

    1. Of course you can! You are a fantastic knitter!

  2. Oh I wish I had that k2tog pattern for an upcoming road trip. Love the darling little Santa for a tree ornament. Is there a pattern? Just occurred to me you could have displayed the scarf against a deep blue background and achieved a triple holiday post - Christmas/4th of July/Christmas-in-July (that Is a holiday, isn’t it? The day we all Think about Christmas knitting projects (whether we all do them or not):-). Chloe

    1. That was a great idea so I finally today made a Christmas in July post! There is no tutorial for the button Santa. It was winging it. Thank you for your comment! ❤️

  3. I meant Month of course. I know July isn’t a day.:). I am checking out other color combos for your scarf. Such fun!


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