July 22, 2020

This lovely sweater is from Lisa Chemery of Frogginette, a talented designer specializing in children's designs. Carter's knitted fall wardrobe has quite of few of her designs in the mix and I was delighted to test knit this one. This sweater is a classic top-down seamless sweater with a feathery cable at the neck, split hem, and i-cord edging. It has a smartly tailored, detailed look that I love. The pattern is simple enough for an adventurous beginner, well written, and is available in sizes baby to 10 years. I'll most likely be knitting one a year for my grandson!

The yarn is a new-to-me Berroco Ultra Wool. I'm now a big fan and promptly bought some more to test knit Gingersnap in size 4. (Yes, can you believe I'm finally getting around to sizing that? Stay tuned!) The yarn handles beautifully and is very well priced. Carter loved it and said it was very soft and he's super picky about that. It was so soft he wouldn't take it off for his nap. It's a superwash and predictably came out stretchy after washing. Here's how I snapped it back into shape: Roll it between fluffy towels to remove excess water then pop it in a warm, not hot, dryer. Check it every 10 minutes or so and when it seems to be back to normal size and is still slightly damp, block to measurements and dry flat. Worked like a charm. I love littles in white and don't think I'll ever tire of white sweaters anyway. I guess it's not terribly practical but unless he's playing in the mud, who cares about a little dirt?

The plaid pants, FYI, are from Target last year. Gwen Stefani designed them for her label Harajuku Mini when she partnered with Target. They sold out online in minutes and I was lucky to snag a size 4. They are so dang cute. The boots are Stride Rite.

After naptime we played a little hide and seek. I see you!

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  1. So cute! You just gave me an idea for a girl's version! (Now I've got to find the yarn buried in deep stash.) Chloe

  2. As cute as that sweater is, the model is sooo much cuter! #grammydays ♥


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