Braemar Pullover

July 16, 2020

I'm so happy with this little sweater! I test knit it with a group of lovely knitters, and every single one in every size and every color is beautiful. This is Braemar from Vera of OGE Designs and is sized from baby to adult. I have some beautiful Shibui yarn set aside to make a luxury one for me. 

I made the size 4 for this brand-new-last-Sunday 3 year old grandson (I know what you're thinking, where on earth did the time go?) and while it fits him perfectly right now, if he outgrows it this fall, and it's certain he will, I have some extra yarn to add to the body hem and the sleeves. I hope the pictures showcase all the pretty details: the perfectly proportioned funnel neck, the exposed shoulder seams, and the effective stitch pattern that you will have memorized after one row!

Carter loves it and came over three mornings in a row with it on. I'm so pleased he's still at the age that he loves my knits. I always try to knit up things that are easy for him to wear in yarn that is super soft. This is Rowan Calmer from my vintage Rowan collection. I think we should start a campaign and beg Rowan to bring back this soft and stretchy stuff! If you've ever knit with this, you are saying AMEN right now. It's beyond fabulous.

For this photoshoot I let Carter behead a few flowers, had my husband behind me making funny faces, and then of course I had to pay them both for their trouble. Modeling fee: one large marshmallow.

Braemar pattern, sized  from OGE Designs

I hope your summer is going as well as it can be. We are fine here, still sheltering in place and working in our garden so it's not such a bad time to be stuck at home. I'm planning a garden post so if you like those, stay tuned for that. 

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  1. Is that kid cute, or what?! His legs are getting so long. Oh . . . and the sweater is darling, too, oh . . . and the garden, too . . .

    1. Thank you! He's a carbon copy of his daddy at that age. The sweater we just love! It would be great as a father/son sweater too.

  2. Oh, I love this sweater, especially the funnel neck. Looks very elegant and professionally made. And your grandson is growing so fast, he's a handsome little man now!


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