October 18, 2019

Here is Kate by Libby Jonson. After a few wobbly starts with the lace section, I soon had it memorized and it was smooth sailing from then on. I finished it a bit ago and now that it's getting chilly I can finally wear it. There are so may reasons why I love this sweater. Besides the pattern being wonderful, the yarn was a dream, rustic and whole-wheaty hearty, a thoroughly charming old-fashioned knitting experience that is my kind of heaven.  As for the pattern, there were long stretches of soothing stockinette and an interesting bit of lace to keep your eyes on the project. I don't remember if the pattern called for picking up stitches around the arm scythe and knitting short rows down, but that is what I did and is my preferred type of sleeve construction.
Because the yarn was fun and old-schoolish (toothy and rustic) it’s not particularly soft and imagine I will always wear a tee underneath it to keep the itchies at bay.  The color is not really a gray, but more like a light fawn. This was the yarn I bought in Quebec City, and if I understood the saleslady correctly, they used to throw out the fleeces until someone decided to spin yarn from them. The sheep until that time were used for meat only and the wool was considered undesirable which surprises me, because, not even for rugs for heavens sake? Good news, the wool is being used now and came in natural, un-dyed colors; this gray/fawn and a natural white and perhaps a chocolate brown if I remember correctly. I recently returned to Quebec City (wow, twice as crowded as four years ago and it was “off season”, but still a charming little city) and purchased some more, so I have some white and a little bit more of this fawn color. I don’t know what I’ll make but I like having it in my stash. I have the sweater on now and it's warm and cozy. It has cling and zero drape and I like that. 
In these pictures we were headed out to the movies. We go once a week, always mid-week and always in the afternoon; we are retired and love to avoid crowds. We treat ourselves to popcorn and a coke for lunch and I bring a simple stockinette section of a project and knit away. It's a grand day in our opinion! On this day we saw The Peanut Butter Falcon. We both loved it and I think you may love it too. I think it's an indie film, certainly not a blockbuster in any way so you might have to look a little harder to find it. If you do see it please let me know if you liked it, but I have a feeling you will. BTW, we saw The Peanut Butter Falcon with very little idea of what it was about and I'm glad about that and think that may be the best way to see it. 
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  1. Lovely. ๐Ÿ’– Do you sew your buttons on with the sweater yarn or sewing thread? Laura

    1. Thank you. I always use sewing thread. I've never had luck getting yarn through the tiny button eyes more than once and cannot figure out how that would hold my button. With thread I pass it through at least a half dozen times then fasten it.

  2. Hi Kristin,

    I’ve been having trouble making comments on yours and a couple other knitting blogs, lately. Makes me wonder.

    For the record, love Carter’s latest sweater, your crunchy Charlesvoix cardigan, and we too think popcorn and a movie is a great day out! (Getting harder to find good movies we both like, though.) Chloe


    1. I added this email here, because when I replied to your email it bounced back to me. Odd! I hope you come back here to read this. Kristen

      Also, thank you!


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