October 14, 2019

Here are some action shots of Carter flying paper airplanes in the kitchen with Papa. We had not seen him in two weeks (too long!) so we asked for a sleepover. We stayed home and made pancakes, read stories, explored the back yarn, practiced jumping, and flew paper airplanes. We had a lovely time. He's wearing one of his new sweaters, the Fisherlad Guernsey for the Family by Melinda Goodfellow. Isn't it lovely? I'd like to knit one for myself! This pattern is a great beginner friendly pattern for someone who would love to try their skills on a traditional gansey sweater. I've knit mine in Rowan Handknit Cotton, lovely stuff and highly recommended, in size 2-4 which is a bit big on him. It's going in for a little knitting surgery today: I am going to tighten up the neck a bit and shorten the sleeves. Links are at the end.

Never enough bling!

Rowan Handknit Cotton is my favorite cotton yarn.
Toddler standing stool.

Carter is standing on a standing toddler stool when he was flying paper airplanes. We love it so much because it enables him to stand up next to us at counter height while cooking. He can crack eggs and stir batter and help bake cookies. He can climb up and down by himself and it's sturdy enough so he won't fall even if he's wiggly. It folds up and I store it in a closet and just bring it out when he comes to visit. I found it half price now on Amazon in four colors, white, black, gray and natural. Great for baking Christmas cookies this season and something we'll be using with him for years.

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  1. Your grandson is so adorable in his Fisherlad Guernsey! I'm so glad you enjoyed the pattern and thank you for sharing photos of your finished sweater. Melinda xx

    1. Hello Melinda! Lovely to hear from the designer! Thank you.


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