colorful and free, Flax wins again

August 23, 2019

The beloved Flax has captured my heart again. It's such a well written pattern that it's hard to believe it's free. Listed as a great beginner pattern with handy tips tucked here and there throughout the pattern, advanced knitters love it too. It's sized newborn to 4XL so the entire family can have one. I made the 2-4 yr. size for Carter using oddments of Unicorn Tails left over from an abandoned project. Unicorn Tail is the charming name for mini skeins of Tosh Merino Light. It is machine washable but doesn't appear to be a super-wash. Anyway, it behaves way better than a super-wash in that when wet it does not stretch too dramatically. I have used it before and it can go in the dryer or will succumb to being patted into shape to dry in the shade. Those attributes, plus lovely colors, next-to-the-skin softness and minimal pilling make it a great yarn.

My little Flax Light started out with the gray/brown and pink color scheme above, but as the project grew it became apparent that the paler pinks in my selection didn't have a place with the brighter shades. I had to abandon about half of my colors as many of them were too pale. When I ran out of my reds, bright pinks, and purples I added a rich, rusty gold. Here's how I did the fade: Gather colors and place them in an order that is pleasing, allowing that you may have to abandon and/or add colors as the knitting progresses. Knit until you are approximately two-thirds through the first color. Then at the BOR, add color #2 alternating every other row until color #1 is done. Knit with color #2 until it is two-thirds finished and then introduce color #3. Continue as before. I did the sleeves last: take the remaining yarns and weigh each and divide them in half. In this way you'll be able to have matching sleeves. Fades and stripes are a good way to use up wee bits of sock yarn too and combined with the Flax pattern, let your imagination will soar and you'll end up with a free sweater! I'll get some modeled pictures soon.

Pick up your copy of Flax Light

Do you remember last year's Flax Fade? Same yarn, different colors, and Carter looked adorable in it. He's grown a heap so it's short and tight but still in really good shape even though he wore it often. That yarn has held up well!  

There's still plenty of beauty and color to found in the end-of-summer garden. The roses are still bravely blossoming in the late summer heat, the zinnias are holding their own, and the dahlias are at their peak.

dahlias, above and below

My husband was watering the garden this morning and I called out, "bring in any tomatoes that look ripe!"
Holy cow, I was not prepared for this!

Climbing Blaze

Just a month ago the hydrangeas were a shocking pink.


Knock Out rose
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  1. I have the Flax pattern but haven't tried it. In Florida there are few days when a pullover is required, much to my dismay. Yours is lovely and Carter is a perfect model.

    You always make me smile, Kristen!

    1. How about knitting it with a fine weight cotton such as Rowan's Summerlite 4-ply? I know a few yarn brands make a fingering weight cotton. It would be lovely!

  2. Love the sweater🥰 I made a Flax for my grandson in navy. When I presented it to him, he said “ no grandma, I don’t like blues. I want red”. So, I made a “Lightening McQueen red” sweater and he loved it. Lesson learned; ask 3yr old what he wants, not his mother 🤣🤣 great post 👍🏻😊

    1. Haha! Carter turned two in July and I know I only have a year at most when he won't start having an opinion about what he'll wear. I always try to make the necks wide enough so he doesn't pull at them and they are easy to put on, and I always use butter soft yarn. I don't want him ever to associate grammy's sweaters with something negative!

  3. Dear Kristen!! My face lights up in a smile when I see your blog in my e-mail! Always so interesting, and the garden is wonderful. Thank you for brightening my day, especially in the times we live in now.

  4. The sweater is beautiful as are your photographs. You have such a creative eye.


  5. I barely detect any pink in this sweater, Just added richness to the beautiful reds. Lucky Carter. Chloe


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