Are you ready to romp?

June 07, 2019

This little romper is a recently published pattern, Tulipromper by Rille Rundt. The fingering weight gauge is lightweight for summer, plus I love the simplicity. The original pattern has a stranded tulip band that I replaced with a more masculine band of mosaic knitting from the Alaskan Pullover. The pattern is easy to follow and sized up to 4 years, plus inexpensive at $3! I used lovely vintage stash yarn, the late and great Rowan Cotton 4-Ply. It's been replaced with something even nicer, Summerlite 4-Ply, but the original cotton is lovely too and my stash is full of it. Either one makes for a perfect light weight summer knit and both go in and out of the washer and dryer with ease. I know I sound like a broken record here, but Rowan really does make the best cottons available for the hand knitter.

My husband thought a pale blue romper might be inappropriate for our very active and very big fella, but I maintain that babies are babies for such a short time and dressing them like babies is quite alright, and is in fact preferable. And oh my! he looked simply adorable in it! After the "photo shoot" we took him downtown to the children's bookstore to buy some new books. Once we got him to understand that he could not throw the books, he took his book reviewing very seriously.  Linden Tree Children's Books has been a beloved jewel and landmark in our downtown for decades. When my own son (Carter's daddy) was young, my father, an avid reader and lover of books, came for a visit and was throughly enchanted with our beautiful children's book store. After that he regularly sent my son $25 to spend at Linden Tree. We have saved most if not all of those books and they are now being read to Carter, my father's great-grandson. Now here I am shopping at the same store with my own grandson and my father's legacy lives on.

After book shopping we popped into the knit store next store to show him off, then strolled down Main Street. Our little one received many appreciative smiles and ouus and ahhs, and quite a few woman stopped us so they could admire him a good long time. Sigh. It's so very fun showing off a grandchild. 

Rowan Summerlite 4-Ply is an excellent and better substitute and is widely available.

I've been asked how I get my 22 month old grandson to pose for me, but honestly, I don't do much except follow him around with a camera. He might show off for me and smile at the camera, but mostly he goes exploring on his own and I always manage to get some great shots. When he is actively moving I use the live setting my on iPhone. During editing I scan through the shots within the live photo, choose the best one, then click off the live setting. When he is sitting still I use the portrait setting. There are many pictures here because I simply could not edit any more out--I love them all! 

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  1. So cute!. Chloe

  2. I loved this post! Shopping for books in a hand knit made by grandma was almost too much for my heart!

    1. Thank you! We have him for the weekend and I think we will hit the book store again!


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