December 19, 2018

Here's my little cutie-pie in PetiteKnits darling Anker's Sweater. I used worsted weight wool, or you could use fingering weight yarn doubled like the designer did. The pattern is sized from baby to 8 years making it a useful pattern to me for years to come. I'm pretty sure I'll be making it once every year or two until my little guy outgrows the pattern. Mette from PetiteKnit has used this type of top-down yoke ribbing in many of her charming patterns. There are hats and bonnets, dresses and blouses, and sweaters for the entire family using the same technique. I love them because the yoke is so flattering and is easy to adapt to an in-between size if you wish. This is a combination of sizes 1-2 and 2-3. I have a little leftover yarn to lengthen the sleeves next year and so will hopefully get two years wear out of it. 

The yarn is a Malabrigo Worsted in an unknown colorway due to the fact that I was traveling while I knit this and didn't come home with any of the ball bands. It has greens, blue-greens, yellow-greens and a splash of orange and is pretty gorgeous. I bought it because I thought it would look great with these beautiful fox leggings from Village North Baby. This charming Etsy shop is closed until January 1st so I hope you'll bookmark it as these are the softest and nicest and coolest leggings I have ever purchased. I don't hesitate for a minute to recommend them. This is my third pair from this shop.

People ask me how I get my 17 month old grandson to make these great poses. I don't do much, really.  I ask him to stand still so I can take a picture of his new sweater (he is aware that I knit) and he will wiggle in one spot for about 15 seconds while I snap away, then he is done. The last picture is always of him running towards me! I literally have ten seconds to get my shot and most of the time I get quite a few that I love! He put his hands of his cheeks and his arms behind his head and we just cracked up!

Below are pictures from the designers. You can see the details of the sweater pattern and also see a better shot of the foxy pants.

The pattern, Anker's Sweater by Petite Knit.
Leggings from Village North Baby. The shop will reopen January 1.

Anker's Sweater by PetiteKnit.

Fox pants from VillageNorthBaby on Etsy. The shop will reopen on Jan. 1.
The pants pictured are baby sized. My grandson's pants are toddler size and have more foxes on them!

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