December 26, 2018

Yay! I love my new sweater! It's Phoenix by the talented Libby Jonson of Truly Mrytle. I was on the test knit team, but did make a few designer approved changes and they are on my Ravelry page. The yoke uses the slipped stitch mosaic technique which is the easiest type of colorwork there is--just as easy as making stripes! And if you are a total fumble fingers like me and cannot carry two yarns at the same time, try this unbelievably easy technique as it uses only one color per row. I like that the design is higher up on the yoke than many of the designs I see these days. I like the design to stop before it goes past the apex of the bust. Does that make sense? Anyway, it's just my preference. The yarn is that wonderful Rowan Cotton Cashmere that I've used a few times now and love for all seasons. It's divine to knit and wear and goes in the washer (and dryer too, even though the ball band does not recommend that). Links below:

Phoenix, pattern by Libby Jonson

I hope your Christmas was jolly and all! We had a perfectly wonderful Christmas eve and day. The baby was so darn cute and good and loved all the activity. However, we are not quite finished with celebrating yet; the rest of the family is coming for the New Years holiday. I'll be making a pot of ham and bean soup, clam chowder, and that Bo Ssam again.  I'm certain my kids will love it and it's all pretty easy, but first I have to put my feet up for a solid day of knitting. I'm finally smart enough to schedule in some resting time during the holidays. I hope you do too--it's so important not to overdo!

I received some pretty nifty Christmas gifts this year and two of them are something I know you'll be interested in: a sweaters worth of both Shibui and Malibrigo. Thank you Santa!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful, love the sweater, looks great on you!

  2. Beautiful yarn as usual Kristen, and not that I'm paying THAT much attention, but I seem to see a blue theme in your yarn selections this past year! Pretty sweater. Queueing again!

    1. If it's not blue, it's white. If it's not white, it's gray. Oh dear! :)

  3. Very pretty sweater on a very pretty lady.

  4. Love the sweater! And I understand your love of blue. I am happiest in some shade of red. Chloe


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