the golden hour

August 31, 2018

Isn't this so pretty? Mosaic knitting is the easy way to get the look of stranded knitting without doing anything fiddly. Mosaic's color changes happen magically with slipped stitches, working with only one color on a row and changing colors every other row. It's easy and addictive!

I love knitting patterned shawls and sweaters but don't usually knit them as I don't often wear patterns. When getting dressed I seem to always grab the very plainest of sweaters and shawls in my collection of knits. But even with saying that, I do think I'll wear this often. The Golden Hour with all its eyelets and bobbles is from the darling Andrea Mowry and was so fun to make. Once I started it, I didn't touch another project until it was done--very unusual for fickle me! I used Kelbourne Woolens worsted in gray and charcoal and some Rowan Softyak DK in gold.

Kebourne Woolens Worsted

I hope you have a cozy, getting-close-to-the-end-of-summer weekend planned. If you are in the USA you are celebrating Labor Day with a long weekend! Yay! We have the baby today and he is spending the night tonight so the kids can have a date night. We have the family coming over on Monday to celebrate my husband's birthday. I'm making a pie, one of the four pies I make a year. You can mark the seasons with my pies. If it's blackberry or ollalieberry, it means it's Father's Day. If it's apple, it's September 3rd and my husband's birthday; a pumpkin and a pecan is for Thanksgiving. He loves them all!

Last week when I was photographing my works-in-progress, the fairy lights that frame the window above came loose and fell on top in the most pretty way.  I'm trying not to disturb it!

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  1. First let me say that I love your style and this shawl is gorgeous! I love the colors! Good luck with your pie making this weekend and a happy birthday to your husband too!

  2. Beautiful serendipitous fairy lighting! Your shawl is beautiful. My experience with slipped stitches has been...challenging. Beautiful result (in just one color the three rows, repeated intermittently throughout the garment, look delicately braided), but yarn is not elastic and the overall knitting experience felt quite tedious. However, Kristin, you are inspiring me to try again, maybe with a hat and with two-color fun! And I counted only three pies. Was I missing something? (my husband is a pie-lover) Cheers! Chloe

    1. Hi Chloe. I do that that so often yarn choice is crucial when matching yarn to pattern. I hadn't thought that there would be some yarns that would not work with mosaic knitting, but now thinking about it, of course you are right.

      As for the pies, isn't it funny how men love pies? My husband and son are crazy for pies and cookies. I got four pies because on Thanksgiving I make two, even for our small family. Pumpkin and pecan, and we have leftovers to last a week!

  3. What a stunning shawl. Truly gorgeous mix of colors and swaths of designs. Your eye for all things charming is a gift to us all. Thank you.

  4. I've never tried this technique & I love how your shawl turned out! Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much! Every one that tries mosaic seems to love it. I hope you do too!


  5. I like your arrangements. Thanks for the inspirations. Your Golden Hour also has cool colors.
    Dominika Winek, Domi2013, Your fan :)


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