color and bold

May 08, 2018

Can you tell that my friend is completely fearless when it comes to setting a table? I love her mix of bold color and prints. Our hostess is a wiz at this sort of thing, and it all comes together so beautifully. Every. Single. Time. Even with two tables of ten for 20 guests at a sit-down dinner!

Do you recognize the flower arrangements? They were saved from this party. The hostess was very kind to give them away to her admiring guests!

I thought you'd like to take a peek around her house too!

Here is a favorite spot of mine. The long, wide hall from the kitchen that leads to the pool has been transformed to the family library. Games and toys in the cupboards for the grandkids and a comfy chair with natural light make this a very livable hall.

A selection of homemade desserts finished the evening. My contribution was the lemon squares. A week before the hostess gifted me with a grocery bag of lemons from her tree,  and the day before a friend gifted me with a half dozen eggs from her coop. I had no choice but to make lemon squares! I've been making these lemon squares for years and they are simply the best--firm but delicate, perfectly lemony and not overly sweet. They are from Jeremiah Tower when he had the Stars Restaurants, recipe here.

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  1. Yum! I will try out this recipe!

  2. Thank you so much for the lemon squares recipe! I am always looking for the one I loved as a child. This one looks both easy and delicious. What beautiful pictures of your friend's wonderful home. Chloe


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