October 22, 2017

I was able to get some nice pictures of the Octoberfest we attended last night. Doesn't it look beautiful? It was! Our hostess is one of the all time greats. Not only does she have a charming and artistic style, she makes everything look completely easy and makes every guest think that they are the one person she wanted to see most. With that kind of pleasant, party point of view, you know the get-together will be a hit! It was!

The party setting can only be described as beautiful. The drinks table was set up under a pergola near the bocce court where the men will usually get a few casual games going. Appetizers were passed and we spent a lovely hour or so chatting and snacking before being invited to the back garden where a long table was set with pumpkins and lights and gold chargers. Everything looked so very pretty. The menu was a variety of grilled German sausages, red cabbage, sauerkraut, potato salad, and green salad. The evening sky was clear and star-filled and in the end a bit chilly--but no matter, we had all brought sweaters and shawls. After dinner we snuggled up next to the roaring fire pit for our homemade apple strudel dessert! 

I offered to bring an appetizer, and after I offered, I struggled with what to bring. What could be made ahead, would travel easily, and be easily assembled upon arrival? Bruschettas with Sauteed Chard by Ina Garten fit the bill perfectly and is delicious. I shortened her recipe (with no compromise on flavor) by omitting the boiling step: after I removed the center rib I sliced the chard into thin ribbons and sauteed them quickly with olive oil and garlic. This is one of my husband's favorite appetizers and was a hit at the party. They disappeared. Highly recommended for a completely do-ahead appetizer and requires only a quick last minute assembly.

Assemble the bruschettas just before serving. I sprinkled them with toasted pine nuts and grated parmesan cheese.
Make sure you also pour over the juices from the cooked chard. Don't waste a bit of the flavor!

I made a few for my husband's lunch the day of the party, so he could, "test them for me."

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  1. Usually, I see your posts early in the morning when I wake up here in Germany. It is always a pleasure reading your news and looking at your lovely photographs. Thank you for taking the time and sharing something so beautiful!

    1. Hi Danica and thank you! I should have also said that the drinks and appetizer tables was the traditional Octoberfest blue and white and there was lots of German beer! Americans LOVE German food and in my area there are several German restaurants. One is an old fashioned luncheon buffet that is very special. I have a few German recipes I make, rouladen is one, although I use my Swedish grandma's recipe and she called them boneless birds! We are lucky that right around the corner from us is a very busy and very popular German deli, Dittmers. I went to Germany two years ago with my German gf who keeps an apartment in her hometown of Weisbaden. The food was among the best I had ever had.

  2. I want to HUG this woman! I want to hug her and be her best friend!!! What a fabulous soirée! The long tables and all that soft candlelight are perfect! Wondrous!!!

    1. Thank you Alycia, and yes, you would have to hug her! She is a total doll!!!!

  3. Beautiful party! Everyone should have a friend like Karen.



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