September 02, 2017

Every season we see many new knitting books, and I try to look at all of them, then share my favorites here with you. I don't often knit for men, but I know so many of you do, and my favorite designer for men's knitware, Martin Storey, has come out with a new book just for the guys. Jouneyman has 12 modern classics knit in Rowan Felted Tweed, Felted Tweed Aran, and the newish Hemp Tweed. The cover says it's for men, but they all look perfectly unisex to me. And beautiful. This is one of the handsomest knitting books for men I've seen in ages, probably since Martin published his last book for men! Inspiration comes from the leading men of past decades; from Cooper to McQueen, and everyone in between!  So many knitters are fond of old movies and count this knitter as one. I love TCM so much!  When I was reading though the book I was trying to think of favorite movies these actors have starred in and how much pleasure they still give. Streetcar Named Desire with Marlon Brando. Some Like It Hot with Tony Curtis. Gone With The Wind with Gable. And here's one of my favorite Christmas movies--Holiday Affair with Robert Mitchum and an adorable Janet Leigh. Try to see it this Christmas if it's new to you. You'll be enchanted.

The book can be purchased at your local Rowan stockist and also as individual PDFs on Ravelry or the Rowan website

The photos are shot at and around the Brooklyn Works in Sheffield, England, not too far from Huddersfield, the Yorkshire home of Rowan. The building has an interesting history and has been thankfully saved from demolition and is now used for residential and offices.

Hands down my favorite!  Brando in Hemp Tweed has the most gorgeous cable design.

I love anyone in a grandpa cardigan-
be it a baby, a woman, a grandpa, or even a man giving us his best blue steel!
    McQueen in Felted Tweed.

Felted Tweed gets to show itself off in Caine.

Cooper in Felted Tweed Aran.

Curtis in Felted Tweed Aran.

Dean has a slipped stitch seed stitch in Felted Tweed.  Don't you love a classic vest?

The very cool Eastwood Hat in Felted Tweed Aran.

Gable Socks in Hemp Tweed.  Have you tried Hemp Tweed yet?  It's awesome.

I love Heston's trellis of cables in Hemp Tweed.

Hudson Scarf in Felted Tweed.

Another cardigan! I don't know why more men don't wear cardigans! They are awesome!
Cables within a cable flanked by moss stitch is Mitchum in Felted Tweed Aran.

Purled diamonds surround a fisheye cable in Newman using Hemp Tweed.

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  1. The handsome model did not smile once! Part of the persona?

    1. He was giving his blue steel impression in each picture.

  2. I agree, a great book, and I love that the patterns are available individually on Ravely! I try to knit my husband two sweaters a year, and several of these are now on the short list!

    1. Yes, I think it's great when they're offered as individual PDFs. You are so kind to knit your guy sweaters! By the way, love your new 21 Color Mittens.


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