Anker's Sweater

September 16, 2017

Lately I've been completely obsessed with this top-down ribbed-yoke type of sweater. I think they are so flattering, plus I love to knit them and wear them, and love that they are so easily customizable. With only a little bit of math, you can cast on more or less stitches to make the neckline exactly where you want it to sit--cast on less for a higher neck, less for a lower one, then continue with the rib increases until you have the amount of stitches you need for your bust. Since this was going to be more of a cool weather sweater, I wanted the neck to rest a little higher.  I cast on less stitches and to compensate, made one more set of ribbed increases before I began the stockinette portion.  I thought if it didn't work out, I didn't have that much to rip out and re-do, but it came out just as I had hoped and all is good. I also included my typical modifications that I make on most sweaters: added waist shaping and a wee bit of length, plus made the sleeves slimmer and more close fitting. The pattern is called Anker's Sweater by PetiteKnits and is very well written and easy to follow, makes a darling sweater and is easy to customize for a perfect fit. I'll make it again--I think it would be beautiful in gray--and I'd also love to make one in cotton for summer with a lower neck and three-quarter length sleeves.

The yarn. The y a r n! I love Softyak DK so so much and have used it quite a few times now. It's soft and easy in the hand, makes an even stockinette fabric, handles multiple washings well, is well priced with excellent yardage, and finally, there could be no one who could not wear this next to the skin, including a baby. I have a massive love for it and a massive stash to prove it.

Recently I completed three sweaters which means three empty baskets begging for new projects.Yep, I've cast on for three more projects just to keep the baskets full and make sure my project level is kept to a well rounded and chaotic dozen and I am prepared for any knitting caprice that I fancy. I admire those who keep projects to one at a time and keep a minimum stash. That is so not me!

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  1. Beautiful! I just might knit this too! Thanks Kristen for sharing your beautiful work.


  2. Really beautiful, you do fabulous work. I have a huge stash but usually only do one project at a time. You're definitely a multi tasking woman.

  3. That sweater is gorgeous! Love the yarn,style, fit, beautiful!

  4. Thank you all so much. I appreciate your comments!!!

  5. Gosh Kirsten - you keep me busy! Another project in my favourites list on Ravelry! I am so in tune with your taste but alas, do not produce as fast as you do. Nothing like anticipation though - keeps me ticking along.

  6. I keep around three projects going at any one time. For whatever the mood requires ๐Ÿ˜‰


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