flower sunday

May 07, 2017

My neighbor is having a party today and I offered to make the flower arrangements for the tables.  I told her I had something simple in mind using Ball turquoise blue canning jars and pink roses. She loved the idea and the result is a dozen gorgeous arrangements with oregano and tarragon for greenery and roses from my magnificent Climbing Eden from David Austin.  Eden is by far by favorite garden rose.  It's beautiful of course, but resists disease, repeat blooms and each spray has several sweet-smelling blossoms.  I think it loves where it lives, towering over the entrance of our vegetable garden, because every year it puts on a grand show.  It's so full of flowers that after I picked these, it hardly made a dent.  Best rose ever.

I'm so happy with them!

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  1. You are right! Magnificent! I love using just one flower in arrangements to simplify the look, and you have done that beautifully. Knowing your friends (I love when you take us inside their homes) I imagine the party will be beautiful. Enjoy.

    1. It's an outdoor afternoon party and the day blossomed into a beautiful sunny day (after a few days of cold weather), so I am thrilled. I'll try and take some pictures.

  2. Kristen, you really have a gift.

  3. Simply beautiful arrangements for lovely Eden roses. Hope that your friends party was delightful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Spring is late here in northern Wisconsin. Your roses are heartbreakingly beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. They give me the courage to hang on a little longer. {crooked smile} Cynthia

  5. Beautiful garden and beautiful arrangements for the shower.



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