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May 03, 2017

Today I have some entertaining inspiration extraordinaire! My friend Norma is a table setting artist as you can see from the pictures below.  Norma loves color and gathered elements of purple, red, pristine white, and icy silver metallic for her table in her dazzling teal-walled dining room.  The menu was sublime too.  We began our lovely evening with champagne and blue cheese souffle around the fireplace.  An hour later we were invited into the dining room for a first course of corn fritters with avocado garnish followed by a main course of tender tournedos of beef with mustard sauce sitting on a nest of root vegetable ribbons. For dessert, a whisky and walnut syllabub. All the recipes came from her native New Zealand cookbooks that she has collected over the years. It was grand.

The tablecloth was bright purple!

Would you like to see what's on the Knitionary Facebook page today?  

Every day I showcase a knitting pattern I love--often free or with an exclusive offer to Knitionary readers.  Today's pattern (and one I own) includes an offer for 50% off through May 10 with the code, spark50.  Spark is a lightweight, slightly cropped sweater featuring a vibrant intrasia color-block and matching sleeve. Fun and super easy to wear! Spark by Amanda Lilley


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  1. So........I'm pretty sure you know I had to look up just what a syllabub is! Now that I know, it has to go on my "To Try" list. Every so often I like to get adventurous and try new food and drinks. What can I say...it's the Midwestern farm girl in me that holds me to a meat and potatoes diet! ๐Ÿ˜†

    Your friend did it up right, and the purple tablecloth led the parade! Very pretty!

  2. Love the sweater. I can imagine what your friend Norma - or you for that matter! - could do with other color combinations. Chloe

  3. Your friend set a beautiful table for all of her guests to enjoy. Love the colors. The menu sounds intriguing. I am with Alycia, what is a syllabub? Loving the leopard seats.


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