Dancing With Bears

August 29, 2016

I thought you'd like to see my pretty neighbor Jessica model my new shawl.  I knit this specifically to wear this holiday season.  Oh my, it was fun to knit, and it's so gorgeous.  The pattern makes sense after a few rows, then I was off an running with just a cursory glance at the pattern every now and then.  You start with a massive cast-on of 390 stitches for the medium size (the pattern has 3 sizes), but even with all those stitches, the knitting is fast and fun and easy.  After the lace is completed, short rows shape the garter stitch body, then sadly, it's done.  The pattern is well written and has row-by-row written and charted directions. I knit this with Rowan Mohair Haze in color Kiss with two strands held together.  It's a soft squish of heaven in such a bright, cheery color--a kind of strawberry red.  Rowan has recently slimmed their line to keep a smaller but gorgeous collection of core yarns.  Seasonally they will offer select yarns that are limited edition only.  This yarn, Mohair Haze, although a truly magnificent yarn, is not staying.  //weeps tears//  I've hoarded some, enough for three more sweaters because I'm not sure this yarn can be duplicated.

I'm mad about my new shawl!  

Dancing With Bears pattern by Carol Sunday

My Ravelry project page

Rowan Mohair Haze
70% super kid mohair, 30% merino 
 If you see it, you won't be sorry buying some.
Webs has it on sale.

Stay tuned for the Coffee Shop Wrap, The Barn Jacket which is a tweed cardigan from Carrie Bostick Hoge, and a simple pullover made elegant with Mohair Haze (again!) and a hint of Swarovski crystals at the neck.

My model is wearing a denim mini skirt!  Remember wearing them from the 80s?  I squealed when I saw it!

xo kristen

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  1. That will be a great holiday cover up :)

  2. This is beautiful in bright pink! I remember denim miniskirts from the 80s, and I also remember denim overalls! They are all back in style again!

    1. Me too! Also had the denim overalls! A kind of uniform in the 70s!

  3. Beautiful and your workmanship is amazing! Now. Where is my denim skirt??

  4. So inspired by your praise for Mohair Haze that I searched my leftovers from an earlier project and decided to buy some extra to knit Brisk. I think you knitted this a while ago and as it seems so difficult to find something to substitute for Mohair Haze, I've just placed an order for the pink shade Caress. It was hard to find somewhere who stocked enough balls so it really is selling out everywhere.

    1. I'm glad you found some! I've back-stocked a bit. I love the hot pink Caress so much. I wear brisk often and think I'll make it again in one of my stashed colors (caress!!!) Classic.

  5. Beautiful!


  6. I am a sucker for pink and red so this shawl, your trophy elephant, not to mention all your roses have me delirious with color joy. I seem to remember denim mini-skirts in the 60s and/or 70s as well (yes, I am that old:-)). Chloe

    1. Who could forget denim mini skirts, right? Once you wear one you are branded forever !!


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