pink elephant

August 27, 2016

This pattern popped up on Ravelry yesterday.  It was free and it intrigued me and so just like that, snap, I had to knit it right then and there; a sweet little elephant-friendly trophy head to use as a backpack totem or to just sit there and keep company.  I'm popping it the mail to my teenage granddaughter who is not feeling well this week.  I'm hoping a pink elephant head will put a smile on her face.

I'll confess the pattern directions confused me at first, so I took some pictures in progress in case you are planning on making it too.

The top of the head down to the trunk is knit first--the purple part.  Then stitches are picked up to knit the back head gusset, that's the brown.  Next you'll pick up stitches for ears; the left ear is finished in pink.  On the right I've just picked up the stitches for the other ear.

All the knitting is done.

Now the sewing begins.  Fold down the back head gusset and fold the ears in half.

Here is the back side ready for sewing up and stuffing.

Check your button stash for eyes.

It turns out that elephant heads are terribly difficult to photograph.  She looked best next to my hydrangeas that are just now beginning to wear their rustic cloak of fall color.  Did I say fall?  There are reminders every day that summer will soon be over: the kids are back in school, the air feels different, and my garden is totally pooped out, but I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer, not for a while yet!

 a free pattern from Claire Garland

My Ravelry project page

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