May 31, 2016

Today is a lazy day for us.  We always feel a bit beat up after a three-day weekend.  That, and it's hot today so we are doubly lazy, and it was hot all weekend.  The heat totally slows me down.  I'm melting.  In a bit we are going to lather on the sunscreen, put on baseball caps and go for a ride in my husband's hobby car, a restored '62 Corvette.  Destination?  Who knows--someplace cool?  Probably not as far as to the beach, but maybe halfway, perhaps to Alice's Restaurant for a frosty drink.

Everyone in town agrees that this is a banner year for the roses!  We've had such good rain this year they must think they are living in England!  Here are some photos I captured over the last month.  Next week, a veggie garden update and more knitting.

The grande dame of our garden is Climbing First Prize.

Her pretty sister is Climbing Eden, also seen below.


Red Simplicity, above foreground and also in the pictures below.

a bouquet of David Austin's Graham Thomas

bearded iris

an Eden and some David Austins

a path lined with tree roses

In the vegetable garden, some David Austins.

Climbing Blaze arbor just as it was starting to bloom.

We have several Iceberg roses--a tree and some shrubs.  Best white rose ever.

 I love the crazy "through the looking glass" views with panovision.

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xo, Kristen


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  1. OH MY! Beautiful garden!

  2. Your garden is absolutely glorious! And I'll bet the scent from all the roses is fabulous this time of year. Thank you so much for sharing -- a bit of zen for all of us. I already have one of your peony photos as the screen saver on my laptop but might have to swap that out for the iris photo, at least for a little while

    1. Thank you! That is such a nice compliment to have one of my flowers as your screen saver!

  3. Where is the picture of the hobby car? Would love to see it! Your roses are gorgeous, so many different ones, would love to see in person someday! M Sullivan of lower adobe....

  4. Brightened my morning seeing photos of all your lovely roses.

  5. Pretty Pretty Pretty !

  6. Hello:
    Free rare rest, find elegant restaurant is a great way to relax and see the garden variety of flowers and roses bloom noble, my mood will be brightened immediately.
    Friend from Taiwan - her 06/01/2016

  7. Spectacular roses......gorgeous!

  8. I always remember your garden being beautiful. One of the prettiest gardens in Los Altos! Joanie

  9. So gorgeous Kristen. Your yard is show stopper. You must get so much pleasure seeing it all. It should be in a glorious magazine.


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