shoulder cozy

October 14, 2015

The Shoulder Cozy by Churchmouse Yarns is probably the most versatile accessory I own.  I made it last year and have used it in all four seasons.  My darling neighbor modeled it showing how you can wear it in all it's variations.

When I'm leaving the house and if I think there is a possibility that I /shudder/ might get a teensy bit chilly, I put this in my purse.  My husband likes to say that there's no bigger complainer than a cold Kristen.  Even if it's 90 degrees outside he's learned to ask, "Did you remember to bring something warm to wear in case you get cold?"

The suggested yarns, use a strand of each held together,


Summer Tweed has recently been discontinued, 
but as long as you get gauge (with an open weave)
I think the yarn possibilities are endless.

Get the pattern here.

All the details on my Ravelry project page.

If you are ever in Seattle, a visit to Churchmouse Yarns would be so worth your while.
Bainbridge Island is a half hour ferry ride from Seattle.
The little island is so beautiful and walker friendly, you won't want to leave.


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  1. You know, don't you? That is an amazing look. And a lot of ways to use it and twist it and feel it. ;-)

  2. As someone who is always freezing, I should make myself one. I don't think I'd look as good as your neighbor tho : )

  3. it's beautiful. thanks for the tip...I think I'm make me one!

  4. I've got a sister in the Seattle area -- it's just good sense to plan concurrent family and LYS visits, right? ;)


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