July 01, 2015

Today I received the OK from Rowan to start previewing the 2015/16 Fall/Winter yarns and books.  As a Rowan Ambassador, I receive a preview pack each season containing sample skeins of the Rowan new yarns and the supporting pattern books.  It's HEAVEN! I was swooning and you'll be swooning too, so stay tuned because in the next two weeks I'll share them all. 

Alpaca Merino DK has a chain construction of 83% baby alpaca and superfine alpaca, 7% extra fine Merino wool and 10% nylon added for strength.  Whenever you see the words baby, superfine or extra fine, it means it will be super soft, and this yarn is indeed super soft.  Alpaca is warm, and because of the chain construction, it is very lofty and lightweight.  I imagine it will be very comfortable and lightweight to wear.  There are 10 colors in the shade range; two whites, several warm autumn colors and several jewel tones.  Winterscapes by Sarah Hatton has 12 designs supporting the new Alpaca Merino DK.  I'm adding 3 to my queue!

Rhodeswood above is perhaps my favorite.  I love full dolman sleeves when they neatly finish at the forearm with deep ribbing.  Because the Alpaca Merino DK is so lightweight, this big blousey sweater will feel like a cloud to wear.   I will be making it in either these two colors shown; the body is a deep purple and the ribbing is in navy, or I was thinking of making it in the two whites!  Hmmm, must give this some thought!

Langsett below has side insets of a ridge pattern that I think will make a very flattering silhouette.  In my stash I have some Rowan Fine Art and Rowan Kidsilk Haze, that when knit together get perfect gauge for this pattern.  It's almost the same lovely shade of blue.  I like the wide neck opening too.  I've already cast on.

The textured vest above is Longdendale, knit is a gorgeous shade of gold.  I love gold and should have more of in my wardrobe.

Toost below is knit in one piece from the bottom up.  At the armholes, the sleeves are attached and the yoke decreases begin with short row shaping added for a better fit.  The look of fairisle is achieved by slipping yarn, a method I've seen Sarah use before, and much simpler than fairisle.

Swooning over Ewden above, the 3rd one I'll be making from this book.  I can't help it, I adore the tiny cables surrounded by eyelets and that ribbed inset:  very flattering.  Has to be this color too.

Mickelden below, even with all the cables, would still feel lightweight in this yarn.

Above is Millstone.  
At first I thought it was a vest, but nope, it's a sweater.  Ingenious use of fairisle colorwork.

Below is the Wheatland Hat and Cowl.

Above is Crowden with a classic cable pattern.  Etherow below is quite gorgeous.  First, love the color (Hoby) but also love the vintage ski-party look.  It is worked bottom-up in the round up to the armholes where you'll join the sleeves.  The yoke decreases are next with some shaping, then fairisle technique for the white snowflakes. 

Above is Padfield, a peplum jacket
and below is the cover project, Wedenshaw Hat and Scarf.
Wearing this yarn around the neck would be heavenly.

And speaking of covers, too bad this model is not simply GORGEOUS!
I love her haircut!  Her hair color is very retro.  Reminds me of Kim Novak.

I couldn't find a shade card, but above is a beauty shot of a few of the shades.  If you are familiar with Rowan's Lima or Lima Color, this is exactly like it in content and construction.  It will knit to a sport of DK weight instead of Lima's worsted weight.  I like to call it Lima Jr. or Son of Lima, ha.
Hope you enjoyed my first tour of the new patterns and yarns.  Expect to see the new Rowan yarns and supporting books, including their beautiful fall/winter magazine, in mid July.  Next preview on the blog is Hemp Tweed.

Today is HOT and I'll be staying in all day finishing my color block baby sweater pattern.  I was going to just offer it in one size, 1 year, my favorite size for baby knits, but then decided to see if I could size it to fit a 2 year old. That has been quite an adventure and has taken longer than I expected.  But I'm really super duper happy with it and hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with the pattern to share.  In the meantime, stay cool and happy knittin'! 


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  1. Love the model's haircut, too.
    Is this new yarn 'similar' to Rowan's Lima, which I adore.

    1. Yes, very similar. It's like Baby Lima, or Lima Jr., or maybe, Son of Lima?

    2. I'll think I'll edit my post to add that!

    3. The sweaters are beautiful. The photo of the model wearing the hat with the two balls reminds me of the sweater with the two cherries that my friends, including you, wouldn't let me make. The photography is exquisite. Where were these photos taken?


  2. Thanks for the preview, great collection!

  3. Thank you for sharing. I am really looking forward to trying this yarn. My favourite is Ewden. Barbara


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