Boot Dickeys

December 16, 2013

We visited out daughter and her family over the weekend and the girls had put boot cuffs on their Christmas list.  I knew I could knock them out in no time, so I printed up several free internet patterns, packed lone balls of yarn and plenty of different sized needles.  We laid it all out and the girls chose 3 different yarns and one simple style.  None of the patterns really worked for the yarn they chose, so I had to wing it.  You'll see it's really so simple it can hardly be called a pattern, but here it is anyway! 

Boot Cuffs Pattern: These fit a slim teen's calf and an average woman's calf.  To adjust for smaller size decrease by 4 stitches and to adjust for a larger size add 4 stitches.

The yarns:  (I could make one set per skein and had yarn leftover)
Rowan Alpaca Cotton in light gray (use size US 8 needles)
Rowan Yorkshire DK in dark gray (use size US 8 needles) 
Rowan Kid Classic in beige (use size US 6 needles)

To knit-in-the-round:
Cast on 48 stitches
K2P2 rib for 8 rounds
Stockinette Stitch for 18 rounds (K all rounds)
K2P2 rib for 8 rounds
Bind off and weave in ends

To knit-flat-and-seamed:
Cast on 50 stitches
Rows 1-8:  K3, (P2,K2) to last 3 stitches, P3
Next:  Starting with a K row, knit Stockinette Stitch for 18 rows (K on RS, P on WS)
Next:  Repeat rows 1-8
Bind off, seam and weave in ends

Now this is why I love my son-in-law:  He was listening to all the boot-cuff-talk, eyeing all the picking-out-yarns and then watched me do the knitting, but he never really did quite "get" what we were talking about.  We kept explaining as best we could, and then finally the light bulb lit, "Oh, you mean, like a boot dickey?"  Yes, exactly, a boot dickey. (It won't surprise you to know he admires Uncle Eddie's style and really needs to dress up as him next Halloween.)

But he preferred to wear them as long john dickeys.  They are very versatile!

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  1. These are great. I will definitely knit some.


  2. Oh yea, my husband loves Uncle Eddie too! Thank you for the pattern.

  3. Nice! I've been meaning to make leg warmers to stick out of my boots for about 3 years, and haven't gotten to it. I think your shorter "cuffs" are genius! Much less bulky on the leg than a full-on leg warmer.

  4. I am just about to choke to death in here!!!!!! Your son-in-law is HILARIOUS!!!!!!! Uncle Eddie....SO FUNNY!!!!!!! I have an Uncle Eddie who acts & dresses like Uncle Eddie which makes it extra funny!!!!

    I love the idea of boot dickies. They look so good and have just GOT to feel great and keep you warm!!! I've just recently started wearing boots, and I love this idea!!! I'm going to send the link to this post to my sister who knits. Maybe she'll take the hint! :-)

    Tell your son-in-law he's got my vote for funniest guy and bravest guy to pose for the pictures! :-)

  5. Your son-in-law is hillarious! I especially like the picture of him with the star on his head (really it is on the Christmas Tree behind him), but it appears to be coming from his head. Your "Boot Dickies" look great, and it is nice to have someone else figure out the numbers. Thanks for the pattern.

    1. Oh haha, yes, the picture of him with the star on his head! I will have to point that out to him and he will love it. He is quite a character! During this photo session my own husband was learning the finer points of Candy Crush from his granddaughter.

  6. that's just a bit hilarious about your son in law!

  7. Your son in law is a pretty great guy!

  8. Thanks for the pattern! I made three pairs of boot cuffs for Christmas gifts, and now my daughter wants a pair (poor girl only got a moebius scarf!).

  9. Thanks for the pattern. Cute boot "dickies"!

  10. What kind of cast on and bind off did you use?

    1. I use a long tail cast on and a regular bind off--but a stretchy bind off might be nice if you'd like some more wiggle room.

  11. How can you start with a "knit row" in the "knit flat and seamed" instructions when there wasn't any in the previous rows? Do you mean start with the next row that begins with knit?

    1. Hi!

      Is this the part you mean?:

      Next: Starting with a K row, knit Stockinette Stitch for 18 rows (K on RS, P on WS)

      Yes, you are correct. After completing the 8 rows of ribbing, you will now knit 18 rows of stockinette, starting with a knit row. I apologize for not making that more clear.




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