Studio 33 Sneaky Peek

November 07, 2013

Just off the presses and about to hit the shops soon, here's a preview of Rowan Studio 33.  This latest Studio has 10 edgy designs named after favorite rockers of the 60's and 70's.  I want to knit about half of these but my particular favorites are Jagger and Springsteen.  I see them both in my future.  All the patterns are knit with either Angora Haze, Kidsilk Haze, KSH Eclipse, KSH Glamour or Anchor Artiste Metallic or a combination, all yarn favorites of mine. Enjoy having a look-see at the latest Studio and I imagine you'll agree that the patterns are just as enduring as their namesakes.

Jagger, my favorite, knit in Angora Haze, KSH Eclipse and Anchor Artiste Metallic.

Blondie in Kidsilk Haze doubled.

Daltrey knit in Angora Haze, KSH and Anchor Artiste Metallic.

Hendrix knit in Angora Haze, KSH and Anchor Artiste Metallic.  This girl is way cooler than you or me.

Jett knit in Angora Haze and Anchor Artiste Metallic

Joplin, love the singer, love the sweater.  Knit in Angora Haze and KSH Eclipse.

Pop.  WHAT A GREAT CAPE!  Kidsilk Haze doubled and many many BEADS!

Quattro, knit in KSH Glamour and Anchor Artiste Metallic.

Springsteen, knit in Anchor Artiste Metallic and Kidsilk Haze Eclipse, mighty nice.

Tyler, knit with Angora Haze, KSH and KSH Eclipse and it's a beaut!

That era was a great time to be a teenager, all that music was SO GOOD.  There's a meme going around Facebook that says, "I may be old, but at least I got to see some great concerts in the 60s! Hehe, so true!

Yarn shopping links at Jannettes Rare Yarns:

Rowan Kidsilk Glamour
Rowan Kidsilk Eclipse
Rowan Anchor Artiste Metallic at

I've used, loved and highly recommend all the yarn featured in the pattern book.
Happy knitting!



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  1. Oh I love Jagger, its beautiful!!!

  2. Jagger is my favorite :) The rest are pretty too.

  3. This is the best studio ever!

  4. Such edgy, creative knits. Love them.

  5. Beautiful sweaters. I can't imagine trying to knit them!


  6. Oh that beaded cape! If only I were brave enough to deal with all the beads!

  7. I like Springsteen, Quattro and Jagger! Are you thinking of knitting one of these, Kristen?

  8. Would you please advise where I may purchase Rowan Studio 33? I've checked various online yarn stores in the USA and no one seems to carry it. Thank you for any help.


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