Rita, an FO in Rowan Angora Haze

November 17, 2013

I finished Rita over a month ago and have been merrily wearing it when I finally decided to once and for all do that dreaded photo shoot thing that I kept putting off.   So now with my pictures behind me I can finally write about my lovely Rita.  This is a simple cardigan and it's really all about the yarn.  When Rowan first sent me a skein of Angora Haze to sample I took one look and thought, I am going to fall seriously in love with this stuff.  And I did.   I've now knit two sweaters with it and I've started my third, Jagger from Studio 33.   So here's what I know about this yarn:

1.  It's pricey.  It's a special occasion knit and it's worth the splurge.
2.  Angora is warm and that's a plus for me, but do take that into consideration.  Martin Storey did an excellent job in designing the companion projects for this special yarn.  Layered pieces like this Rita cardigan work well.  Sexy shrugs, perfect.  V necks are great too.
3.  Angora sheds.  But, while Angora Haze does shed, it sheds minimally.  If you haven't used angora in a while because you hate the shedding, you will be pleased with AH.
4.  While AH does not break when you are knitting, it can break with seaming.  I really do tug when I seam and so found it best to use an alternate yarn for seaming.  With this sweater I seamed with 6-ply cotton embroidery floss and it was perfect.
5.  AH comes in the most beautiful colors.  I want to use all of them.
6.  When you wear an AH sweater people will want to pet you.  I don't seem to mind that.  The fabric is gorgeous.
7.  There is some special care required.  It's hand wash and dry flat.  My gauge swatch handled that beautifully with no change in gauge or fluffiness.  I have not yet washed either sweater, but when I do I will report back, however I don't anticipate any problems.
8.  I like to steam iron block my pieces before seaming.  Do not allow the iron to touch the AH fabric, and only iron block on the wrong side.  These precautions will assure that you do not flatten the fluffy fibers.  The fluffiness is part of this yarn's charm.  One last thing, it's very easy to tink back.

Are you wondering about the roses at the end?  That rose hedge, right now, today, looks like this.  I took this picture on Sunday afternoon, November 17th.  We are shocked!  This rose hedge is prolific, and I can usually pick some buds near Thanksgiving, but we have never had a bloom like this so late in the year.  Darling California.

Here's all the links:

My Rita Ravelry link with all the details
See all the patterns from the book at knit.rowan.com
My Mila in Angora Haze
Pink Simplicity Hedge Rose, best hedge rose on planet.

I know some of my readers are knitting with Angora Haze upon my recommendation and I'd love to hear back from you.  Let me know how it's going.  Until next time, happy knitting, happy fall!

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  1. Another fabulous sweater Kristen....great colour on you.

  2. The fluffiness is soo lovely :)
    Kristen, I love your sweaters - this one is really beautiful.
    I admire you and your patterns, really good work!

  3. Ah, it's so beautiful! I got ten skeins of "Nest" recently and plan to make Ava from Kim Hargreaves' book Smoulder. But I'm going to make myself finish at least 2 of the 4 sweaters I've got on the needles right now before I start it!

  4. Beautiful sweater. Absolutely love the color and it looks so soft. I do envy your special talent. xo Linda

  5. What a gorgeous sweater. It looks terrific on you.

  6. Hello - Love this sweater and have the opportunity to buy the yarn on Craftsy for about $5.80 per skein. I was wondering how many you used for this. I'd like to order it and then I'll go out and get the book. The sale is over tomorrow and I just don't have time to get the book to see how many and don't want to miss out on the sale. I think I'm about your size. Thanks so much for your help.


    1. Hi Kelly, I used 8 skeins of the Angora Haze for the smallest size.

  7. These photos are the most stunning ones on craft pages on the net, that is certain. Along with the boots it makes an impression. Your so talented!

    Ove in Norway


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