September 05, 2013

I'm so happy to show you a new pattern, Tanqueray by Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails.   The pattern is published today and available for download on her website.  I love deep Vs and feel they flatter every figure and face.  I don't make enough of them.  This pattern will turn into a good "go to" pattern for a deep V pullover.  There is a little "flower in a pot" motif on the cuffs and V edging, also a twisted rib (you get the twisted stitch look by knitting through the back loop) which keeps the rib more open and less stretchy and is a useful technique for many patterns.  Here it's used very effectively.  The flower pots were very fun to make and I was sad when they were finished.  Thea has introduced this as a "first fall" pattern and think it would be great in cotton or a wool/cotton blend too.

The only reason I rated this on Ravelry as intermediate and not beginner was because on the front you are decreasing at the same time for the V as for the arm scythe.  It's not difficult, but does require a bit more attention as each one is decreasing at a different rate, something you need to mind.  This early decrease for the V gives you the deeper cut V which is what attracted me to the pattern in the first place, that and the textured stitches on both side.  As for pattern clarity, Baby Cocktail's are about the best.  She takes great care in making sure her patterns are understood by knitters of all levels.

The yarn, Rowan Felted Tweed DK makes it onto most "favorite tweed yarn" lists.  It comes in dozens of beautiful colors with the perfect amount of tweedy bits plus has excellent yardage.  The color comes closest in the last picture.  The DK weight makes a lovely lightweight fabric with even stitches.  Once knitted it has an interesting felty quality that is difficult to explain.  The stitches bloom out in a wooly way, it's very very nice.  I've used this with cables and lace, very nice.  There is an itch factor with this and I wear a cami underneath and that does the trick.  Felted Tweed also comes in an Aran and Chunky weight.  Soon I'll be showing you a coat designed by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting using the Aran weight. LOVED it!

I made no modifications to the pattern, however I do go rogue on my sizing.  I know how to make a sweater fit me and I do my own thing in that department.  If you are new to altering a pattern for fit, Baby Cocktails patterns, most especially her ones of recent years, are very good to practice with.  She gives you tips on where the most likely places would be to add extra increases, decreases, length, etc.  I make sweaters fit differently depending on how I will wear them.  I had the idea that since this is wool and made for winter, I'd pair it with a collared shirt underneath.  To accommodate a blouse I added 1-2 inches of positive ease.  If I were to make this in cotton or cotton blend, and I probably will,  I would make it with zero ease to wear alone.

Here's the links!

Tanqueray, purchase the pattern here.
Just who is Baby Cocktails?  Check out her fun blog.  There are drinks.
I hope you have a Rowan stockist nearby like my lovely lys, but if not,
Rowan Felted Tweed DK is available at Jimmy Beans,
and they are a great online supplier.

Next week is accessory week at Knitionary!  See you soon!

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  1. You rock! Thank you so much :)

  2. I love the style, fit and color of this sweater. V-necks are the best but I have yet to master them. Maybe one day, when I have whittled down my queue -- which consists mostly of non-V-neck accommodating hats and shawls-:). Chloe

  3. Another beautiful sweater on a beautiful woman.


  4. Lovely job! I'm anxiously awaiting yarn to start one myself.

  5. Wonderful! Your sweater looks so great! I love the designs of BabyCocktails. This sweater is now also on my to-do-list! :)

  6. So beautiful!! I love the yarn you chose, that dusty rose tweed is stunning.


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