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August 26, 2013

 Looking back on some past posts I thought it would be a nice
to have some of my prettiest garden flower bouquets reappear.

Almost every bloom courtesy of my own lovely hard working backyard garden.

I tried to link most pictures to the original post.

This ball dahlia is prolific and comes up year after year.  The name was lost years ago.

A David Austin.

Sometimes the most simple arrangements are the most effective, here David Austin's St. Cecelia.

Zinnias, this is in my living room today.

Helleborus, they last easily a month as a cut flower.

Mums, daisies, and dill, from a post simply called "a dinner party".


Zinnias, the post "you had me at bacon".
Mostly glads, zinnias, white Shasta daisies and dahlias.  From the post "Sunday's Bouquet" about our garden.
Long lasting protea from the market from my "St. Patrick's Day" post.

The first of the tree peonies are as big as a dinner plate, 
look at how tiny the wine glass looks in the lower left corner.
This is from the post, "splendid dinner party".

Roses mix from an adorable "baby shower" I gave last summer.

Lilies and yellow Graham Thomas roses with some store bought touches.

Snipped lilies from a friend's garden who was on vacation.  She said I could!

St. Cecelia rose and other David Austins.

Dahlias and roses.

Giant fragrant magnolias that smell like lemon pie, shasta daisies and nicotiana.

Dill, roses and dahlias.  This was from "Let's Party", a fun summer party we had last year.
I still pick nasturtiums through fall, here in "fall dinner party".

Pink Simplicity rose buds.  This Jackson Perkins rose bush for me is in bloom almost year 'round.

Camellias love living in California.  This single is one of my favorites and blooms late winter.
A winter arrangement with leaves and antique medicine bottles from a pretty post,  "a winter dinner party".

In the process of drying hydrangeas.  How to is here.
A friend brought these tulips in a mason jar as a hostess gift, so simple and pretty.

Purchased alstroemeria, post from "A Neighborly Party".

Green leaves and lilies from "my romantic table", my most viewed post ever.

Apple blossoms decorate this Easter table a few years ago.

David Austins in a silver bowl, from "A Rosy Luncheon."

I used The Pilgrim roses all over the house for one of my favorite luncheons ever, Fellowship Luncheon.

Graham Thomas roses decorate the champagne set up.

This is one of my prettiest posts, "peep", our Easter table with purchased alstroemeria.

Roses with sedum and zinnias.

Pink Simplicity roses from Jackson Perkins, blooming for me in December!  Picture from my "post Christmas dinner party".

Tree peonies and David Austin roses.  Looks like ballerina's tutus, from "make it fast."

David Austin roses.

Rose mix.

David Austin's Graham Thomas, gorgeous yellow from a gigantic, healthy bush.

Lovly mix of David Austins, mostly The Pilgrim and St. Cecelia.

St. Cecelia.  Sigh, prettiest bouquet ever.

Narcissus, I have a tiny patch, that's all you need, so fragrant. 

Dahlias and orange nasturtium.  Nasturtiums re-seed and grow wild in our veg garden.
Rose mix with oregano and nasturtium.
Red Simplicity roses.

Pink Simplicity roses.  We planted 25 in the front as a hedge and use hedge clippers to prune.  So hardy!
David Austin's The Pilgrim, a large and hardy bush.

A florist bouquet given to me as a gift.

Tulips from the market, from the post, "Swans Again?"


Daffodils and paperwhites.

I remember these roses smelled amazing!


David Austin mix, the fragrance, unbelievable, from a Mother's Day post a few years back.

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  1. What a beautiful post! I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but I'm really drawn to those David Austin roses.

  2. What an ocean of flowers, Kristen. Love it!

  3. Wonderful post. It inspires me to collect more small bottles and narrow-neck vases for showcasing just a few blossoms, as my garden is not nearly as hard-working as yours.

  4. Beautiful post, you can almost smell the roses !

  5. Beautiful post, you can almost smell the roses !

  6. What beautiful flower arrangements. My favorites are the tree peony and the David Austins.


  7. What beautiful arrangements you've made. The dinners parties are pretty wonderful too! Wish I lived next door ;)


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