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February 18, 2013

Today was a busy day in the chilly garden.   Roses, wisterias, hydrangeas, trees and peonies have all been cut back starting in January and just now finishing up with the last of it.  Harvesting only onions and the first of the dill. A small patch of violets, the camellias and pots of cyclamen are my only flowers.  I don't garden much in the winter, I like to take a break and wait for spring.  Then throughout the summer and fall we will work hard, so it's nice to take the winter off.

But in a few weeks and lasting for months and months we'll have fresh orange juice every morning.   I love that so much.

I spent some lovely hours in the greenhouse today.  Always around Ash Wednesday, a little after if it's early, or a little before if it comes late, I start my summer seeds.  I love working in the greenhouse when it's cold outside.  Even better if its raining.  It's so cozy inside those glass walls.  My husband built it from a kit 20 years ago.  He put in a brick floor.  I love it.

In March we'll plant the spring seeds that go directly into the garden, the lettuces, carrots, beets, onions and leeks, I can't think what else. But for now, I'm enjoying the break! Stay warm and dry!

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  1. Oh, happy times! Before we know we'll be gardening away!

  2. It's loverly. Dormancy can be beautiful, too

    1. Thank you and I agree there is beauty in the dormant season.

  3. Wow! Your very own greenhouse! How cool!

  4. How cool is that? Having a greenhouse must be awesome. We have thought about adding one, since the critters are always eating our veggies. It sure was cold today.

  5. We worked in the yard this past weekend and it was so nice to get back outside in the sunshine and dig in the dirt! The perks of living in California! I love this time of year, looking forward to springs first plantings. I'm jealous of your greenhouse and I love the little white violets!

  6. It is BEYOND cool that you have an actual greenhouse just steps away from your back door! Oh, my gosh!!! I'm with Lynne on this one: you are enjoying one of the many perks of California living! The fact that you husband built it from a kit is even more amazing!!! He did a fantastic job with the brick floor, too. What a guy! That photo of the arbor reminds me of "The Godfather" movie! :-)

  7. That certainly is a beautiful brick floor - and I'm so envious of the greenhouse - how lovely! I think I'll be starting seeds indoors the end of March, which seems like a long time from now.


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