Stiches West

February 25, 2013

Sunday afternoon I went to Stitches West in Santa Clara, CA, not many pictures this year, but it was just a FUN afternoon.  HABU had a great booth. I've always been enamored with this but for some reason have never tried it.  Their tiny threads of stainless steel have intimidated me, but this year I just had to get me some of that stuff.

For this sweater, in the middle, Stella by Coco Knits.   
I met the designer Julie, she was a doll and very helpful.
The lower part of the sweater is stainless steel and wool, the upper part is cotton.

Two skeins of Cotton Gima on the left and 5 cones of Wool/ Stainless Steel on the right.
The threads are so tiny you knit it double.

 Some other views of their booth.

I visited the Never Not Knitting booth again and saw the samples from 
her new Botanical Knits and her darling Little Oak.

 I did a bit of stash enhancement at Webs (their booth is huge!) and a few other spots. 

I was feeling spring-like and bought 2 bags of Rowan Belle Organic Aran
a 50/50 wool cotton in pale green and another in medium turquoise. 
The third bag is a periwinkle Sublime Cashmere Merino Silk Aran.
One or more of these are going to be something from Botanical Knits.
The bottom is a gorgeous grey-blue Bliss Baby Cashmerino
which I plan to be Autumn's End.  I can hardly wait for that one!

(But it's all put aside to concentrate on finishing up 2 sweaters for me and 2 for my granddaughter.)

Wait, one more from Stitches West!
A bag of pure silk, Mulberry by Louisa Harding in vanilla.  Heaven.
Swatched last night and looks like it may work for
Baby Cocktails Baileys Irish Cream!  Beautiful right?
I'm going to give the swatch a good bath today and see what happens to my gauge.

Everyone at Stitches West is so friendly and helpful.  I love a roomful of knitters!

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  1. O the eye candy in the photos. I just looking at the pretty yarn and sweaters, all of it, just so pretty.

  2. Oooooh. Gorgeous yarn for that! I made a purse out of the stainless steel stuff a while ago, it is so cool to work with - have fun with ALL of it. Can't wait to see if your Baileys works out or no....

  3. I had some of that Mulberry - it's luscious! That will make a fantastic sweater!

  4. I am so impressed. You swatch and bathe it!!

  5. I love all your yarn choices. I have heard of Habu, would love to see it in person. That Baileys sweater pattern is beautiful!!!

  6. Oh, how fun.....all that new yarn and knits lined up! Love it all!!!!

  7. Stitches West looks like so much fun, wish I was closer!


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