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October 30, 2012

Finally I have a knitting post!  I finished Kim Hargreaves Bronze a few weeks ago and just today got some pictures.  My photographer is a bit of a comedian thus the silly laughing and grinning.  So, about this sweater.  Pretty basic Kim design.  Plain and simple, perfect for my style.  Nice and warm, cozy for the winter days ahead.   This is knit in Kid Classic which can be itchy so I will be wearing a shell underneath.

I made the xs but it is sweatshirt slouchy which is nice.

It's knit in reverse stockinette with a drop stitch stripe every inch, very simple and effective.  Knit flat and seamed.

I have great knitting mojo right now and have quite a few knits on the needles.  My current knit crush is Baby Cocktail's Irish Coffee out of Berroco's Blackstone Tweed.  I might make long sleeves and think I will have this finished by next week.

Also making my third (!) Genevieve pullover, yes I do love this pattern, by Cecily Glowik MacDonald.  Knit in Soft Touch DK by Shelridge Farms that I bought two years ago at Stitches West.
I can't forget Curio with Kidsilk Trio.  Love this one too!

Also making another Kelley Cardigan (my 4th, such a perfect basic) in red, but put aside for more exciting knits.

I can't resist Heidi Kirmaier's Tea with Jam and Bread and have ordered Shelter in Sweatshirt, Soot and the pinkish Camper color.  Cannot wait for that to arrive.

After the photography session we went to the movies and saw Argo.  Excellent!  When we got home my boots arrived from Zappos.  I think I love them and think I'll keep them!

I'm visiting my granddaughter next week and will give her the Stephen West shawl for her 12th birthday.  I'll get some pictures to share.  We'll also look at patterns so she can pick out her knitted Christmas gift.  It's best to ask a 12 year old what she wants, no surprises, this is best!

I haven't written much about my reading lately and I've been reading quite a lot.  When I hear "perfect beach read" I think Danielle Steele and run the other way.  But my friend insisted I read Beautiful Ruins and Where'd You Go, Bernadette? which were both touted as last summer's must beach-reads.  I loved both, very happy I ignored my prejudice!  I finally finished Fall of Giants, this took me a month to get through and right now I'm reading the last Hunger Games book, Mockingjay.  I need a few quick reads before I tackle #2 in the Ken Follett trilogy, Winter of the World which may take me another month.

CNN is on in the background.  It seems a bit surreal to be writing about knitting and boots when so much of our country is devastated.  I hope all of you that are affected by Sandy are finding yourself safe and warm, we're sending prayers and donating to Red Cross.

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  1. The Irish coffee looks stunning! I would also go with long sleeves, I find them much more practical and you can always push them up when you get too hot! ;-)
    I also love the sequin border of your Kelley Cardigan, what is that cute yarn?

  2. Wow, that is a lot of knitting you've got going on there! Love your new sweater!

  3. Love your "Bronze" and the snappy boots. You do have some kntiting MOJO, with all of these beautiful projects on the needles. Can't wait to see them all finished. I too read "Fall of Giants", as I'm such a Ken Follett fan. I loved it, and can't wait to start "Winter of the World". Reading and knitting go together so well, as long as the knitting project doesn't require too much counting or patterning. In this case, I tend to read the same line of text over and over. Happy Knitting & Reading . . .

  4. As always, I love your sweaters!!

  5. Love the bronze sweater and can't wait to see the others you are knitting. Tea with Jam looks like a winner. The banana slicer is lame. How much trouble is it to slice a banana? Boots are a kick. They remind me of the ones we found next door.

  6. Wow....pretty! I just don't know how you do it! These sweaters look like something you would buy in an upscale store! I've gotten much too busty to wear sweaters anymore, but that doesn't stop me from lovin' the look! Great job!

  7. Luv The Tea with Jam and Bread sweater. It looks fabulous! Great knitting!

  8. LOL - I feel the same way about beach reads and Danielle Steele. Just a couple of suggested reads for you. Wife-22 by Melanie Gideon. The Innocents by Francesca Segal. And I have another couple on the tip of my tongue but they just aren't coming. For what it's worth. I find a lot of great suggestions on that is also where I keep track of what I have read and what I want to read.


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