Color Coding the Needles and the Nails

September 13, 2012

I've been wanting to color code my needles for a long time.
A little nail polish painted to the top, just two coats did it.
For some needles I used acrylic paint, 
also two coats followed with a coat of clear varnish.
I seem to have more 5s than anything else, they were painted red.

I have so many needles, this will make my finding them easier.

I purchased my third bottle of Tickle My Francy, I go through this like crazy.  
It goes with everything, is the nail polish that gets the most comments 
and it's so feminine and lady-like.
Plus looks good on long or short nails.  What's not to love.

This is my Simplicity rose hedge in my front yard.
This is what it looks like TODAY! September 13th!

This rose is amazing!

I never get any bugs or diseases on it, we trim it after blooming
with hedge clippers and within days it has buds again.
It just insists on outperforming every other rose.

I have an FO that I hope to photograph tonight.  I also uncovered another WIP that just needs the sleeves and have begun the attack on that.  Both will be great for fall.  We are keeping busy cleaning up parts of the summer garden.  It's time to begin culling, just a few plants here and there.  All my petunias have been pulled, half of the cucumber plants and most of the beans, all the dill, and we ate the last of the beets last night.  As always trying to keep up with the weeds and the dead-heading, that doesn't seem to slow down.  As we clear out and work the empty beds we'll start planting a small, very small, winter garden.

Hope all is well with you!  I have some fun posts planned of dinner parties and knitting and recipes so I hope you'll come back! 

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  1. Hello Kristen, I simply love your rose bushes and the fact they have continual blooms is a bonus. Your OPI nail polish is lovely for the Autumn. I tend to wear brighter colours usually. My current one is Reflection which is a deep rose pink with "sparkly" bits. I love it.
    Best Wishes Daphne

  2. The third bottle of the same color?!?!? I'm impressed! I've never even finished one bottle of any color!

    Love your rose pix!


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