A Winemaker's Dinner

September 18, 2012

Rene has a beautiful collection of plates and linens.  This tablecloth is from the exquisite French label, Beauville

I thought you'd like to see a buffet party I was invited to this summer welcoming our host's brother visiting from Zimbabwe.

Flowers come from her garden.

They serve their own label, Belle Epoque.

Rene has never been afraid of color or pattern!

Let's take a walk around, I'll give you a little tour.

Dhurrie rug in the kitchen hall.

Smokey charcoal walls in the bathroom!

Rene's newest quilting project.

The buffet table is ready for guests!


Lamb Curry Khorma
Spiced Chicken
Potatoes With Cream
Scalloped Spinach
Sliced Tomato, Beet and Orange Salad
Watermelon and Mint Salad

Cookies and Ice Cream

We sat outside at beautifully set tables with a view of the coastal mountains, I forgot pictures of that.  The weather was perfect just until we were ready for dessert when we came in for shortbread cookies and homemade blackberry ice cream.

The Lamb Curry Khorma was soooo good.  In the late 70s all my friends had the cookbook, San Francisco A La Carte from the SF Junior League.  It was a perennial favorite and still is.  They reprinted it in the 90s and looks like that version is still available here.  It's one of my favorite cookbooks, still!

I hope you are enjoying going to parties with me!  I have a few more parties to share in future posts.  My friends think I am a little nuts as I walk around taking pictures (without people!) and posting them here.  They very sweetly indulge my little hobby!

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  1. Wow, that looks fantastic. All the photos are beautiful, and the next time I have a party I'm going to put a green plant on the island. Such a nice touch!

  2. Everything looks delicious! It's always to fun to see how people decorate and set a table. There are so many good ideas out there.
    I also love the dramatic powder room...charcoal walls! Wow!


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