August 27, 2012

I am so glad I was able to keep my focus and finish this summer sweater before summer was over!

Pocket detail and moss stitch.

It's so soft!  I used Berroco Pure Pima, discontinued now and I only just found it.  I love that it's just a simple cotton cardigan with a bit of stitch detail.  Pattern is Wisdom by Kim Hargreaves and my Ravelry link is here.  My husband admired it very much.  I wore it out to lunch and it kept me just warm enough in an air conditioned restaurant.  I hate air conditioning most times.  It was 75 degrees and I hardly think that's AC weather.  Oh well, I am always cold and am used to that, must knit to keep warm.

The sleeves are too short!  In the pattern book, I didn't notice that the model's sleeves were short, but other Raveler's sweaters and the pattern schematics show that they are short.  I lengthened them by about 2 inches which was not enough.  In order to get the moss stitch bands to match up with the body, any sleeve lengthening must be done at the cuff area.  Just a little heads up if you plan to knit this and don't want bracelet length sleeves.

As far as other knitting and crafting goes, I'm all over the map!  I admire all of the "one project at a time" people, but instead of managing one project, I'm tripping over a half dozen UFO bags.  A cross stitch tablecloth, red fuzzy Christmas cardigan, black Kid Classic pullover, pale blue linen cardigan that is almost finished, embroidered baby quilt (no one in mind!) and two knitted shawls are in the wings.  I just pick up what strikes my fancy at the moment but must admit I started a new one, Kim Hargreaves Tender with KSH.

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  1. It's beautiful and white becomes you very much! I must put it in my plans for next summer ...

  2. Dear Kristen,
    You are so so beautiful with your new sweater.. Yes You are so so talented and you always make so beautiful things...I am following your all handmades very closer..:))
    All best wishes and happy days...

  3. This is so pretty! I imagine you have a somewhat more extended summer season than we do in the midwest, so maybe you can get plenty of use out of it yet!

  4. Your summer cardigan is beautiful! I love the textured stripes, and the pockets are great.

  5. Just in time for temps to dip a bit. A beautiful white sweater, with the right amount of body shaping. The perfect pattern for cotton too! I can't wait to see your other knitting projects.

  6. How did I miss this post? It looks great on you.

    I agree, I am quite narly right now, trying to knit on one thing...makes me cranky.

  7. This is so beautiful! I especially love that pocket detail. It's too bad about the yarn being discontinued, but at least you got to enjoy it.


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