Dried Hydrangeas

August 28, 2012

I dry my hydrangeas in probably the easiest way possible.  I wait until they are pretty good and dry on the bush and have turned a dusky color, this is in late summer.  When mine go dusty pink and grayish green and feel a bit papery, I know they are ready.  I snip each head, leaving a 4-5 inch stem, remove all leaves, place in individual half watered filled vase and leave to rest for a month or so.  The water will evaporate from the vase and will leave a pretty, dried hydrangea.  I have about 75% success rate, some of these will wilt, and as they do, I toss them and cut some more.  They usually wilt because I didn't pick them at the right time, that's the tricky part.

I scatter them around the house in all my usual spots.

DIY link for the Faux Jarrahdale Pumpkins here.

 But the majority will dry out in the guest room.

When they are completely dry, in a month or so, I'll make a wreath, make a
dried arrangement or two, add some to fresh arrangements and give some away.

Hydrangeas practically dry themselves in this way.  Give it a try!

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Here's my latest knitting obsession, Tender by Kim Hargreaves in teal KSH.
I love love love Kidsilk Haze and think that Kim does the best job creating
patterns that showcase the beauty of this silk and mohair confection.

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  1. Thank you, I'll be trying this, some of my hydrangeas have started to change colors...

  2. These are so pretty! I think I will have to go steal some from my mother in law's garden : )

  3. Aren't those gorgeous! And I like the dresser they're sitting on. :-)

  4. I got into drying flowers years ago, and my favorite is the Hydrangea!
    I discovered this year, that some bushes don't dry well. (the ones in this complex don't) but others I have snipped have done well.
    Probably the owners here were cutting corners! and got inferior plants!
    However, yours are gorgeous! Penny

  5. beautiful! I love dried hydrangeas almost as much as the fresh ones. thanks for sharing all those pretty photos! ...and I can't wait to see your Tender (and I think I'm surprised you haven't knit it already! you do a great job with her patterns and the KSH!!)


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